Hola Amigos!

¡Hola amigos!

I miss you guys like crazy. I 100% freaked out on Scotty and basically begged him to catch up with me on a bi-weekly basis because I was missing you all. Luckily, Scott agreed (because he is one of the nicest people ever). So, just know that I am keeping tabs on all of you.

In addition to the bi-weekly chats with Scott, I am also going to be starting a nomad branch of the NP Phoenix tribe next week. I had the opportunity to go to a vision board workshop the other day at the coworking space I work out of here in Valencia. Almost all of the people in the group talked about how they were lacking the motivation to work out and before I knew it, I had volunteered myself to start up a work out group. It will be like having a piece of home with me and make me feel a bit more like myself! Whenever possible (location permitting) I am going to try and keep the Wednesday workouts as close as I can to what you will be doing at home. Maybe I’ll even post a few teasers in the Cactus Lounge.

Aside from that, Scotty and I just wanted to bring to your attention that this Saturday is Global Climbing Day. It is the perfect excuse to get out there and try climbing if you have never tried it or to dust off your old gear and get back after it. The movement was created by The North Face with the intention of encouraging more people to climb and to change the conversation regarding walls. TNF believes that walls aren’t meant to divide, but rather they are meant to bring people together, build trust, and push us further. As their campaign says – WALLS ARE MEANT FOR CLIMBING 🙂

On Global Climbing Day (8-18-18), TNF is giving people the chance to climb for free at participating gyms around the world. Unfortunately, there are no participating gyms in Arizona or in Spain; however, we wanted you to be aware of it in the event you wanted to support the initiative and get out and climb this weekend anyway. So grab your friends and get out there!

Last, but not least super pumped to see what “Coach Steven” comes up with for his workout. I am jealous I can’t be there. Please make sure you make it if you an to support your tribemates!

Love you. Miss You.




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