Hey! You like Music?

Welp. You gon’ dun it again, tribe. Another epic morning in the books. Can I get a HUMP DAYYYYYYY?!

For the first time in a long time, we took it over to the Organ Pavilion. The musical kind. And boy was this workout HARD. No hills, no stairs, no crazy grind. Just good ol’ fashion speedwork, burpees, inchworm pushups, lunges. ANd wrapping it up with 5 minutes of Abs By Angelo. How many packs do I have? Still one? Fuck.

But regardless of how hard the workout, or how big the group, the energy continues to amaze me. So many smiles. So many high-fives. And yes, we had Peggy, a photographer from the Tribune out there with us, but does anyone else think our energy just gets better and better?

And to top it all off, we had the fortunate circumstance of the bathrooms being open early. No messes today. Though we did have to make some compromises.


Until next week…

Be Bright, San Diego.

With all my love,


  • MONDAYTourmaline Surfing Park! Park on the street, please. Let’s keep the lot open for surfers – it can get a bit stabby… JK. No, seriously tho.
  • STARLIGHT THEATER! On Saturday, August 13, we’ll be heading to the Starlight Theatre to help with rehab efforts with other volunteers. RSVP for the event here! Join the NPSD Social Page, and check out the announcements. WE NEED A LOT OF VOLUNTEERS because there’s a huge opportunity for us to be involved with rallying volunteers, managing sign-up, and generally being a bigger part of the efforts. Be there! Give back to the city! And let’s rehabilitate a sick location that we can potentially use as a new workout location! Reach out to any of the leaders, Sam LeeJeff Boman, or Jessi Nahama for more details!
  • SISTER CITY – VANCOUVER – Don’t forget! We have a sister city. Go like November Project Vancouver‘s Facebook page, and let’s ambush them! Find one tribe member, friend them on Facebook, and say hi on their wall or via Facebook message. Just give them some friendly sister-city love. Or pull a David Ramirez and give them a double, no-brainer 5-star review. STAY TUNED – MORE COOL STUFF TO COME!


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