Hello Old Friend

This morning we got to see an old friend, one that has been MIA for a while, one that we all have missed a ton. Bernard, we are so glad you are here friend!

Do Work Son!

Many of you have been worried about the man, the myth, the legend Beenie Money AKA Bernard Molina. I am here to tell you that he is alive and well, however, he was suddenly abducted by the time sucking aliens known as Norfolk Southern Ops! Most mornings while we are working out, B-nard is sitting in an uncomfortable suit, in front of a computer or with a telephone at his ear, in order to keep the trains of the world running on time. While we are extremely sad that B can’t be with us all the time right now, We want to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to him on his new position. One that he has worked years and years to earn! We love you buddy.

*This is just an FYI to everyone that has been asking where Bernard is, and soon, he will be able to tell us all about his new adventures in his own words.  Until then, keep burning that oil boss, because we have Christmas presents that need a train ride into our lives this holiday season.

Just Text Me Sweaty Selfies

Wisconsin Notes:

-You amazing humans were open to giving out your phone number this morning & we love it. #HotlineBling

-Don’t forget to text those sweaty selfies to your new NPVB friend! Keep in touch, send a random message of motivation, maybe a facetime call. Human connection~It what matters!!!

-Friday 5:30am : Norfolk Scope (Parking & Meetup drops tomorrow) **THEME: #FALLFLANNELFITNESS **

~Love & Sweat, Jill

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