HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN Week: day 2 (Boston 10.31.18)

We did it. 

We showed up at 5:30 & 6:30am this morning, ready to race for PR day.  We wore capes, and costumes, PR chains, fresh grassroots gear and HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN tags.  We bounced and hugged… and BOOP-ed each others’ noses.  There were #NPplus1s in the house, there were Newbies from Sweden, and there was a DJ bustin’ beats at section 19. 

Sure, it’s Hell Week, but it kinda feels AMAZING to have all that going on.  The vibe is incredible when people show up to race hard and as a result they elevate everyone’s effort around them.  It’s powerful when someone’s cape, or costume, or Halloween energy boost someone’s mood and makes the whole “working out” thing way more fun.  And it’s moving to see the way people smile and beam from the inside out when they finish their full tour, set PRs, hold their first grassroots gear, or pridefully view that special tag today that represents the 7th birthday of November Project.  This shit isn’t just good… it’s awesome. 

And we’re just getting started.

FRIDAY IS COMING and so is WOahMAN & Summit Ave hills.

If you haven’t been reading the blog, or you somehow missed everything else we’ve said on all forms of social media the last couple of weeks, know this: we want you to finish up HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN Week nice and strong.  You have two choices.


  • WHEN: Start time is 4:30am. 
  • WHERE: Meet (quietly) at Corey Hill Outlook Park on Summit Ave. in Brookline.  Pay attention to street signs and don’t park on streets marked with “no overnight” parking. 
  • BAGS: There will be a car available at the start/finish to hold bags while you run.  DEFINITELY pack a change of clothes to get warm/dry after you finish so you can stick around for awards and the end of the 6:30 workout.
  • THE COURSE: Run from start to Harvard Stadium. Full tour of stairs in the stadium. Run back to the top of Summit Ave. 25 Burpees at the top.  Run 1 full hill down the front (to Beacon St.) & up + down the back (to Corey Rd.) & up.  25 Burpees at the top. Run another full hill (same course).  Finish at the fire hydrant.
  • FINISH: whenever you do–anyone not done by 6:30 will be running along side everyone who starts the “regular” workout at 6:30am.  Group photo at 7:25am.  #fuckyeah

CHOICE #2: Friday Hills

  • WHEN: Start time is 6:30am.
  • WHERE: Meet (quietly) at Corey Hill Outlook Park on Summit Ave. in Brookline.
  • THE WORKOUT: Will include running hill repeats on Summit Ave, down the front side (to Beacon St.) & up + down the back (to Corey Rd.) & up, until 7:20am.  Group photo at 7:25am.

Whatever you choose, you can’t lose. #JustShowUp


  1. NP Social on Friday: 6:30pm, at a location TBD, but in Boston.  Come hang out, have a drink (or don’t), wear a cape (or don’t), and spend time with the tribe you’ve been kicking ass with all week.  #HellYeah
  2. MONDAY WORKOUT LOCATIONS will be announced earlier in the week from here on…plan your Mondays a whole week ahead.  Next week, Nov 5, will be at the Dorchester Heights park.  Map HERE.

Keep kicking ass, keep changing the world & keep showing up!

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