Head Of The Charles Weekend HYPE

Here it is, real plain, real simple: Get out and watch Bojan’s crew race this weekend. They are faster than any crew you’ve seen. BOOM. They race at 11:16AM tomorrow and you’ll be with me and the rest of the tribe on Week’s Footbridge at 11AM to bring the noise.

I had the opportunity to see these guys race over the course earlier this week and that shit is good… really good. What’s the coolest part? Well, all 9 people in the long yellow racing shell are all Northeastern University Alumni AND November Project members. All of them. That’s right, with #AlphaWife in the coxswain seat and 8 man/horses at her command, the NURA is looking to win their 4th straight gold in this event. Yes, this is hype and YES they deserve it.

Want to see our girl MJ race? She’s going to be in an even cooler/weirder event where she’ll be racing solo in an event called the Women’s Championship Single (“Champ Single”) that will go off at 4:23PM. She’s racing with bow #4 so she’ll be coming by WEEKS right around 4:30PM. Be ready to be loud.

What about our new member and USA’s 2012 Gold Medal Olympian Esther Lofgren!? Well she got her #GrassrootsGear today on Summit Ave and is pretty pumped to race in the Women’s Championship 8 event at 3:08PM on Sunday.

That’s it. All rowing hype today. For those Riverside, Women’s NURA, Men’s NURA B, and everyone else I’m forgetting, I’m sorry. This post was getting long. No MOVEMBER hype. No NP YOGA hype. No “The Running Of The Bowls” hype. No “Capes & Feathers” Halloween hype. Nope. Nothing. Just get to that race to bring our boys (and #AlphaWife) and gals an extra boost this weekend. This is The Head Of The Charles Weekend. Enjoy.

#DestinationDeck is at Teddy Ebersol’s Field at 6:30AM. #RunDeckRun #EarnYourWeek

Scores from this morning are below:

Name Workout Time
VOCA 9 28:36:00
Henry C 6 27:54:00
Nicole P 5 42:03:00
Chris M 5 16min 20 sec
Mieke B 5 19min 6 sec
Kim M 5 27:10:00
Laura McClonay 5 16min 28 sec
Brittany Monary 5 16min 28 sec
Sarah Soltan 5 28:35:00
MaryBeth Hamwey 5 20min 6 sec
Emily N 5 45:55:00
Laura W 5 21min 56 sec
Morgan Brown 5 15min 17 sec
Mark V 5 16min 3 sec
Drew Bersing 5 18min 35 sec
Jascla F 5 18min 1 sec
Angelo Gala 5 31:50:00
Max Goldberg 5 19min 10 sec
Becca M 5 17min 55sec
Derrick S 5 17min 30sec
Elizabeth C 5 44:28:00
Sam K 5 45:24:00
Todd Vanderlin 5 17min
Amy Davis 5 19min 38sec
Andrew Schwartz 5 20min 11sec
Brandon Dillman 5 15min 41sec
Neil Cronin 5 19min 20sec
Cam C 5 37:37:00
Olivia P 5 20min 50sec
Andrew N 5 20min
Guy 5 18min
Thomas VDL 5
Nikki C 5
Amy F 5
Chris Wagner 5 14min 23sec
Marie M 5 Just happy to be alive
Brigitte G 5 40min
Nelson K 5
L. Smith 5 4min 35sec
Jake Horwash 5 14min37sec
Tim C 5 15min 39sec
Alex Jackson 5 17min 50sec
Claire Wood 5 19min 15 sec
Esther 5 18min 35 sec
Stesha Carle 5 18min 35sec
David Knezem 5 19min
MJ 5 18min 22sec
Mazy McG 5 18min 22sec
Ben H 5 18min 57 sec
Zadok 5 38:08:00
Kelsey Kirer 5 20min
Lauren Goodman 5 20min
Scott G 5 34:03:00
Stuart Wall 5 20min 41sec
Andrew Wall 5 23min 34 sec
Corey Duggan 5 21mn 43sec
Marisha W 5 21min 17sec
Kristen B 5 21min 57sec
FJP 5 14min 16sec
Mary W 5 14min 16sec
Tim Jones 5
Matt Murawski 5 19min 34sec
Patrick Burke 5 23min
Jon Bates 5 23min
Andrew Morrissey 5 25:00:00
Paul Lopez 5 19min 35sec
Emily P 5 24min
Phillip C 5 23min 30sec
Anna J 5 22min 50sec
Chris B 5 21min 30sec
Jessie Cox 5 21min 30sec
Whitney Kemp 5 23min 8sec
McIntire 5 20min 54 sec
Renata K 5 18min 49 sec
Connie 5
Andrea Jacobs 5
Michael P 5
Sarah P 5 23min 5sec
Phillip C 5 23min 30sec
Seth 5 26min
Danielle DH 5 21min
Dani 5 26:14:00
Adam A 5 17min 32sec
Mike Joyce 4 17min 1 sec
Melissa D 4 19min
Skye Morse 4 18min 50 sec
Nicole LeDoux 4 21min 35 sec
Christin Clohosey 4 50min
Pets Sooranu 4
Amy Griffin 4
Celia M 4
Evan Dana 4
Amy Fischer 4 20min
Sharnea Collins 4
Liz Good 4 26min
Christen M 4 18min 53sec
Courtney K 3 16min
Katy D 3 14min 31 sec
Ahda D 3 17min 53 sec
Katie C 3 17min 45 sec
Oriana Dunlop 3
Kate K 3
Jason S 2 20 min
Baxter 2 9 min
TusaRebecca 4
Elin 5
Elizabeth Eyerer 4
Lucia 5 28:00
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