Harvard Schmarvard (SD)

The Harvard hype is unreal and it’s been following me since college.

Going to school on the OTHER side of the river in Boston from Harvard and MIT, you knew you may not have been the smartest kids in the city but you also knew you were more athletic and way more fun.

Fast forward a decade or so, and we’re STILL getting the Harvard hype. “No workout is as hard as the Stadium in Boston” “No other city stands a chance against Boston’s workouts” “Harvard Stadium is the home of November Project.”

Blah blah blah. Here’s what I have to say:

  • First, you guys enjoy all the months of cold, dark, snow coming your way. We’ll keep hanging out in our 60-75 degree sunshine. Come visit whenever you want.
  • Second, we still know we’re the more athletic and fun crew.
  • Third, we have a stadium too. Yup, you heard me. The Balboa Tennis Club. The most epic stadium in all of the land. And today you guys crushed those stadium stairs. You ran, jumped, high fived, and sweated your way around the couple playing an early morning game of tennis. And by golly, I think you even turned them from enemy to friend by the end of the workout.


Today was an absolute blast. And so concludes our throwback month of #MayhemMonday paying homage to our friends in Beantown.

Wednesday we replace PR day with a TURKEY TROT! Dress in the colors of FALL FOLIAGE (that means red, orange, and yellow pretty leaves for all you San Diegans who have never seen seasons). Meet at our usual spot by the fountain in Balboa Park.







– Next month’s #MayhemMonday theme is: Christmas Wish List! Start thinking of your favorite Monday spots we’ve hit this year. We’ll be going back to your top 3! Voting to commence soon. And awesome announcements for changes to #MayhemMonday for 2016.

– Next Monday’s workout is at Kate Sessions Park. Bring ONE article of clothing to get tagged and walk away with spanking new #grassrootsgear.

– Buff Money! We have decided that our leftover buff money will be donated to Brunch Club San Diego. They are an awesome organization that aids and helps transition the homeless through meals, mental health programs, and jobs. They do a Sunday of Service once a month at Mission Brewery downtown. We will not only be donating to their cause, but also organizing to do a November Project SD takeover of the January Sunday of Service. Stay tuned and be ready to hit the streets to help our community.

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