Happy Pi Day, NP World!

Happy Pi Day! As someone who loves both math and delicious sweets, Pi Day has always been my jam, so I took the opportunity to share that excitement with another one of my loves, NP. The workout was chock full of pi references. Early gang did Clayton’s infamous little loops and some “circular” exercises. 6:30’s workout included a lap around the park with partner exercises at every corner. The lap was supposed to be a circle, because pi. Cat brought to my attention that it’s more of a square but also pointed out that the formula for the area of a circle is pi r *square*d, so really it all worked out in the end. For the exercises, the number you did for each made up the digits of pi (3 hoistees, 14 partner pushups, 15 around the worlds, you get the idea), which was also Cat’s idea, so let’s be real she gets all the credit for this workout.

And despite what most of you who decided to skip today to stay in your warm, dry beds predicted, it didn’t rain one drop during 5:30 or 6:30 workouts. So even though you thought what you were missing was the rain, you really missed so much more. A kickass workout? Ya missed it. Learning the digits of pi? Ya missed it. Hanging with the most badass people in SF? Ya missed it. Delicious Pi Day brownies and cookies baked by moi? Ya missed that too! And most importantly, we missed you. So next time, don’t miss out and #justshowup.

Friday, the team hill challenge continues with a special edition hill workout out at Springer Gateway in Berkeley (a block from Downtown Berkeley station). We’ll continue the battle for glory between #TeamAli, #TeamPaddy, and the current leader #TeamZip. See you there at 6:27am. https://goo.gl/maps/Mg6SUv2fDx82.

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