Happy Birthday To November Project…

Nice work at today’s #MIT #DestinationDeck. Many of you are coming off multiple race weekends and are using these fun Monday meetups as a supplement workout to #Rise&Shine each week. Bojan and I are selfishly using them as a way to watch the colorful sunrises over all of your beautiful faces with Coo Coo Cal playing in the background. This is our happy place.

As you know, November Project started one year ago this November. As we leave October and head into our bday month we are going to have a few big events and we are hoping you can help us blow these events up as much as possible via word of mouth and social media. Throughout the month we’ll have more social gatherings and on-the-fly stunts & workouts for those of you who want more. Here are just a few of the events we have on tap… please stay tuned…

2012 HEAD OF THE CHARLES, 11:16AM on Saturday, Oct 20th our man Bojan will be racing in a fast, yellow boat, with a crew dressed in black holding black and red oars/blades. Tom Owston/Joe Carrol, Craig Smallwood, Gracio Garcia, Rachael Pojednic (#AlphaWife), Petar Lovric, Dan Walsh, Will Miller, Bojan Mandaric, and Lou Harwood are all graduates of NU and all curent members of NP. Under the name “NURA” they’ll be racing as bow #1 in the Men’s Alumni 8+ at 11:16AM for their 4th straight gold medal. For those of you who don’t speak boat-speed, this means that they’re racing first in their event that starts at 11:16AM SHARP. Come late and you will miss them. Let’s all find one another on Week’s Footbridge just before his event goes off so we can be sure to get loud at the right time. The crew is 100% NP faces and they will feed off of your energy so please come down and show support. Did we mention its at 11:16AM this Saturday? #GrassrootsGear

Halloween Party/PR_Pizza Day

Theme: “Capes & Feathers.”
Workout: 37 sections for PR’s.
Time/Location: Wednesday, October 31 at 6:30AM – Harvard Stadium.
Energy Level: High to extremely high.
Group Photo: Fucking rad.
Cussing On Your Blog: Not cool.
PRIZES: Best Dressed Male & Female WIN #FREE shoes from New Balance.
WARNING: Scott Gilroy could win both catagories.

“November Project Yoga” by GoldieYoga.com

This event will be held at 6:30AM on Thursday, November 1st inside the Lululemon Newbury Street location. You must RSVP for this event. A few warnings: it will sell out so when you see it post via NP FB/Twitter in the next week please jump on it right away. You’ll need your own yoga mat. You’ll be expected to let us know within 48 hours if you can’t make it so we can pass your RSVP’d space on to the first on our waiting list. If you’re planing on going out the night before we highly recommend that you pass on this RSVP. Goldie’s classes are far from easy and no-shows/late-shows are not OK. With that said, this is the perfect chance to get in some yoga by the Best Of Boston 2012. Goldie’s playlists over vinyassa flow, combined with the birthday feeling that we all can be proud to own, along with the usual love and support from the Lulu Newbury staff, will create an amazing concoction of awesome.

The 1st Annual: Running Of The Bowls: (November 1st, 6PM, Back Bay).

Imagine this: The entire NP family, each holding a red plastic bowl, rocking white pants & white shirts, red scarves, all packed into the alleyways of the Back Bay, tons of noise, a little pushing, a few bulls, all ready for a chill but very REAL group jog with sprint spice that will lead us to our main birthday toast at the local #DestinationPub. This event will meet at 6:30PM on Thursday, November 1st at a destination that will posted in the same fashion as our #DestinationDeck – a few days before. The #DestinationPub however will never be posted and you’ll have to join The Running Of The Bowls to know where we’re heading. Feel free to bring friends of all shapes and sizes even if they are not yet members. NP will provide red scarves and limited edition red NP stencils (must come early). You’ll need your white pants and shirt, red bowl, and the most open mind of your life in order to fully soak up this one of a kind event. YES, we’ll be drinking from bowls at the end of the run. NO, this is not a bar crawl. #DestinationPub #TheRunningOfTheBowls #grassroots #BOOM

Abby C
Adam A
Alexa W
Alissa M
Amanda Ayers
Amy Davis
Andrew n
Andrew S
Anna B-A
Anthony D
Avery F
Becca M
Bill Z
BG of WI
Bojan Of
Brad B
Cammi Lin
Caroline S
Chad V
Chris M
Claire Wood
Connor G
Corey D
Courtney K
Danielle DH
Eddie Fleck
Elin F
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth E
Emily N
Erin McDon.
Evan D
Goldie Wood
Hannah P
Jake M
Jake O
Jim Jones
Katy D
Kenny S
Kim M
Kristen S
L. Smith
Laura Mac
Lauren Klinker
Liz Blair
Marla Perez
Marsha W
Mary McG
Matt Turis
Max A
Merie M
Michal S
Nelson K
Nicole P
Olivia P
Oriana Dunlap
Patty D
Petar Lovric
Sam K
Seth P
Steve C
Thomas VDL
Alan S
Clint R
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  1. Question about the Running of the Bowls… what about us slow runners? I run like a 10 minute mile, can I still come, or will I get left in the dust and then not know where I’m going?

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