Happy 1st Birthday NP (YOW)

What a day, what a morning. One year ago, we were greeted by co-founder Bojan Mandaric, who welcomed Ottawa into the November Project Family.  A shocking entrance, as he casually strolled up to Parliament Hill, NorthFace gear and backpack, commute on foot. We knew as soon as he arrived, that the morning was going to look slightly different than we had anticipated. I turned to Stephen and said “Do you know who that is?” Surprised that he thought Bojan was another tall, bearded yogi, he quickly caught on to what this meant. We hopped and skipped and smiled knowing this community was becoming part of something bigger and greater than just our city. We were joining this worldwide movement- movement of connections with humans, community and fitness. Ottawa was on the map, with humans making our city a better place.

So much has changed since then, yet so many things remain the same. On that morning we felt the same burn, shared smiles, gathered with a bounce, started at 6:29am, ended with a photo and sent each other on our way to enjoy the day. Today we gathered for a bounce, started at 6:29am, we shared some hugs and we felt that burn. Today we celebrated with stairs, with hugs, with sweat, with smiles and sent each other on our way to start the day. We met some new faces and welcomed them into this community. It takes courage to show up to an unfamiliar location, with unfamiliar people and an unfamiliar place. We commend you for stepping outside your comfort zone. We all feel that nervous pit in our stomach doing something so unfamiliar. But how great it feels when you get through it, when you realize what you are capable of, when you know you can and will get out of your comfort zone again. Remember that feeling the next time you have those internal thoughts about not being able to do that new thing- you have done it and you can do it again. It may not even be about you- you never know who you are setting an example for, who you are leading. We are glad to have you part of this community.

Congrats to all of you who made the decision to wake up at that early hour and showed up. It’s always a bit tough at that early hour, but it is never something that you regret. We are happy you came. To all those who were present 1 year ago to celebrate, we thank you. For all of those who showed up for the first time today, or showed back up for the first time in a while, we thank you. You will always be welcomed. We will always be there. You will always have someone to share your workout with. This will never be cancelled. This community will always be here for you whenever you need and want.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Thank you for sharing your morning, your workout and your time with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together.

Liz and Lauren


  1. open up your schedule for Ottawa Race weekend- if you’re running, amazing, keep up the training. If you are not, be ready to gather for the cheer station. Details to come.
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