Never trust a hybrid !?&*%?& [MTL]


– Hybrids are great but not always reliable 🙁
– Thanks to Jeremy/Lauren we started the workout. Thanks!
– The North Face was in the house. Glad you came Uriel. Hope to see you soon.
– Wings for Life run recap

I never thought I would be late to a November Project Workout but this morning was a first. Thanks to my 4-year-old Hybrid, my trip from the south shore of Montréal to the city was a challenge. Thankfully I was able to “reboot” the car in order for the electronics to work and get me there – on Nadine’s time 🙂

In the meantime – while I was stuck in traffic to cross the river, the tribe was strong and getting busy. Lauren and Jeremy took control of the workout and got the tribe activated. Bounce, warmup and some hoisties later, I was in place to take over of a group of lovely humans all warmed up. I knew I could always rely on my tribe to carry on without me. The beauty of November Project is that it’s a mean, self sufficient and creative machine – even without the co-lead in place. Thanks guys. I love you for it!!!!


Wings for life recap
Last Sunday was the Wings for Life run by the Lachine Canal. November Project was in the house running the course…being chased by a virtual car. It was lots of fun. I highly recommend it to all next year. We got to see the real pace of some tribe members – i.e. Laurent and Jacob. Man…you are some quick dudes! If ever I want to work on my intervals, I know who to follow 🙂

That’s it for this week. Thanks again to Lauren and Jeremy for covering at the start of the workout. Have yourselves a great week and don’t forget to play outside!!!

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