Hang Out with Good People! (YEG)

Happy Wednesday… err… Monday..

My co-leaders left me on my own for today… they wanted to see what would happen if there was a workout with no Ferences. Well, the joke’s on them. I graciously recruited mother and father of Jen and Andrew. Take THAT! And while I have learned so much from Jen and Andrew in the last two years, today, I feel so much wiser from mama and papa Ference. I can see how growing up with them has made both Andrew and Jen so successful. Sometimes, just being around someone makes you a better person. Mama Ference always told me that you are who you hang out with. If you hang out with good people, you’ll be a good person. If you hang out with shitty people.. well…

To sum up… we’re all really fucking good people, so if we hang out every morning, then we’re all really fucking good people… Somehow this feels like I’m talking in circles.. but it makes sense in my head.


Wednesday – Meet at the Legislature fountain at 6am. Wear Red.  Be ready for anything.

We’ll be tagging grassroot gear that morning. Bring your own shirt. We’ll bring the black spray paint.


Note: If you have friends who came to the workout at Gallagher Park 10 days ago, ask them to check their jackets. We have a navy FUNSPORTS jackety thing that was left behind, but are missing a black jacket with a set of keys in them. They probably haven’t even look at the jacket since it has been so nice out since then which is why we haven’t gotten it back. So, please look yourself and get all your friends to do it. If you happen to find a set of keys that do not belong to you, send us a DM on twitter, facebook or instagram. We’re really hoping to get Andrew back into his house. He’s getting sick of showering at local pools.

Final Note: Props to Connor for winning the one and only 28:19 hat.

Final Final Note: If you haven’t filled out our survey, do it. Or don’t. We’ll be using the responses for #science as well as making electronic paper airplanes. I’m not sure what an electronic paper airplane is either, but I dont want Andrew to get mad at me for wasting paper.


Find the Good,

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