Guest Blog w/ Victoria Hernandez: Hell Isn’t for the Weak!

Aug 27th – 31st was Hell Week for November Project Dallas with 50+ people in attendance everyday. The tribe was warned that it wasn’t going to be easy at all, yet they wanted to go through hell.  Long time tribe member, Vicftoria Hernandez, shares her experience of the week, plus her gratitude for the tribe:

“Hell Week in Dallas. Five workouts in five days. There are a couple of overachievers in the tribe who already do this, but for the rest of us pleebs, it was something different. I knew it would be difficult; it would be tough.

MONDAY: My first Monday workout with NP, officially. At least I’m pretty sure. Definitely my first workout at Houston Street Viaduct. I was still a tad sore from Saturday. I signed up last-minute with my friend to do the Camp Gladiator Stadium Takeover at Minute Maid Park. A lot of stairs with exercises intermixed. So, how did I punish myself? Well, I took it a “step” further with more stairs and ab work. Plus, later that evening I participated in my first circus class. Beginning Aerial. AKA hanging from silk. I was upside down on two pieces of cloth in the air!!! Shout out to Carina who led the class.

TUESDAY: Hell continues. Track Tuesday at Germany Park. Now I typically do a track workout here on Tuesday mornings, but they’ve been more long-distance oriented. Today was fast and short. Ten 100 m sprints. OR. Four sets of 1400 m runs. One would think, oh let’s go for the sprints, right? Get done faster. I don’t know about you, but I go ALL OUT on my sprints. AFAP: As fast as possible. I consider myself faster as a sprinter than in long distance. But man, does that take a lot out you! And I was def still sore from Monday. It would be a long week.

WEDNESDAY: PR day. Or, a NOT PR Day. I was feeling incredibly sore and incredibly sluggish. With the route, there is some uphill and my achilles has been bothering me with inclines. I listened to my body and stopped after a few laps. But I ran to the workout and back home, so I got in a few more miles that way. Today it hurts to extend my arms. Sitting hurts too. WHERE’S MY FOAM ROLLER!

THURSDAY: Meet me at the W! Literal #tbt at the American Airlines Center. Back in the day we would meet at the W Hotel and walk over to the AAC to workout. I always loved working out there because of how bright it was, felt like I was actually in a big city. It was HIIT. And I HURT. Push-ups and dips and burpees and jumping jacks. After suicides of course. Thanks, Tywon! My heart was pumpin’. My arms were wobblin’. My legs managed to carry me. Still sore arms from aerial class. Push-ups didn’t help. There must be a million little fiber tears in my muscles.

But wait, there’s more! Pint Striders meets Dallas Running Club meets November Project Dallas. We’re bridging gaps and drinking beers. A 5k in the evening knowing full and well hills are the next day. THIS. IS. HELL WEEK.

And I’m back. It wasn’t a good run for me. I walked at least a third of the 5k. Listen to your body, folks. No need to get hurt.

FRIDAY: No one likes morning hills anyway. JK. Hills are usually the most fun. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the fact that it’s Friday? There’s a more chill vibe? It’s always great. It was my last workout with NP Dallas for the foreseeable future. I’m finally not dead. And I made it through hell. WE made it through hell.

It’s crazy to see how this tribe has grown in the three years I’ve been in Dallas. I remember when there were some workouts with just a handful of us. There was one workout where it was just Harrison and myself at the Perot Museum. There was another morning where it was just me! And now? Now, I don’t think there’s ever a workout that doesn’t have at least 40 people.

I want to thank YOU, people of Dallas. YOU have made this tribe become what it is today. YOU have helped spread the word and the cheer. YOU continue to #justshowup, even on days where you don’t really want to, or on days when the weather isn’t that great, and on the days where you have to leave early but you come out anyway. I appreciate y’all. 

This community has grown on me. This city has grown on me. As much as I’m excited about the new opportunities for me back home in Houston, I will miss Dallas more than I ever imagined. I’ll miss y’all. So take care, Dallas. I’ll see you later.”

Victoria Hernandez doing jumping jacks in Victory Plaza at the American Airlines Center in Dallas with November Project Dallas during the tribe’s Hell Week.
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