Gristle and Fat (YEG)

I don’t care how nice the restaurant is and how perfect the cut of meat is, there comes a point when your jaw gets tired, your forehead starts sweating and your brain says,”Dude, probably enough already!”.  You might slide the last couple of cuts down the hatch and call ‘er a night but never do you consider diving into that pile of fat and gristle on the side of the plate.  By the time some of you finished the upper bowl on the East side of the Stadium, all that was left was a big pile of fat and gristle (aka. the upper bowl on the West side).  A few hundred steps that nobody had an appetite for and without a doubt your brains were telling you to take it easy by that point.  By the time you’re making your way past the scoreboard a decision has to be made…

“Should I dial it back a little?  I’ve taken a pretty fucking big bite out of this damn stadium… All they are giving me is some stupid tag… They can’t even spray it properly, drips and shit…  Actually that tag is pretty fuckin’ cool.  I’m on pace.  I’ve worked my ass off at this morning thing for quite a while…  Fuck it, I’m going for this Old 96er!”

We had a lot of people maxed out today and I offer my sincere, “Fuck ya!”, to all of you.  Whether you got the tag or not, you pushed crazy hard and should walk with a little extra swagger today… or in a few days when the legs stop shaking.  Thanks for getting out of bed this morning and making it a really great atmosphere!  Thanks to the City of Edmonton for their gifts this morning as well.  Be nice to them, they have been very good to us!

Sorry we can’t afford really cool shirts like this…


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