Got A Minute?

Today we gathered at the park again for our weekly ceremony of community and kick ass exercise. With a nice reprieve from the heat (86 degrees in august constitutes as “cool” here), the tribe marched on. Today it was Cameron’s turn at the wheel, and of course it was a good one.


The group had to stay together as everyone completed 400m laps followed by too many air squats to count. For those fast enough to finish early, they had to plank on and off until the rest caught up. Being fast can have its drawbacks! To wrap it up we did one minute of pushups, sit-ups, and mountain climbers, each of which were followed by a 100 yard sprint.


More important than all of that, NPNO has an issue we would like to address with the other 16 tribes of NP17. Last week we laid down a challenge to all other tribes to complete the ice bucket challenge and were shocked that no one stepped up and completed it. We definitely thought this group could have some good creativity to pull out on this one.  


We want to give a shout out to Scott for winning the positivity award today. He always shows up and has now made this a family affair by bringing his wife and daughter to the workout. He is always moving at NP_NO and that is what we are all about. Congrats Scott! 


PS: Sorry Scott, but we accidentally deleted the pictures of you accepting the award….Hey, we can’t be great at everything!

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