Goodbye Season of Light

We could see this morning but with sunrise just after 630 I had that familiar feeling that the Season of Light is coming to a close.  Here’s the thing though…  Part of what our mornings together do is offer up an alternative view to the Season of Dark.  Pre-NP there was one day in December (the office Xmas party) and one day in January (when the kids went back to school) that we could look forward to.  Now there are 3 days a week to look forward to in the Season of Dark.  You all dragging your asses out of bed make the collective group smile and feel fuzzy, have I mentioned that you’re all pretty rad?!  See some of you at Deadlegs tomorrow, Jen and Nadim have a high stakes race going on and see the rest of you next week where Nadim and I have a high stakes talent contest going on.

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