Suicide Squad (LAX)

Repeats. Shuttle runs. Intervals. Suicides. Whatever name you have for repeating the same run over and over, one thing remains constant. The tribe shows up, the tribe works hard, the tribe sweats buckets, the tribe hugs, and the tribe gets faster. This morning on the corner of Sunset and Micheltorena was no different. This time we threw three hills in one at you – run to the first level, come back down. Run up two levels, come back down. Run to the top… you see where I’m going with this. Rinse, wash, repeat. Simple never made you work so hard.


It’s not rocket science, people – showing up gets results. They may not be immediate results, no one is showing up the week after their first day suddenly ripped out of their mind. Okay, maybe they do… but there are definitely other factors at work there. These results are incremental. Every day you get out and work is a day you improve, both physically and mentally. Your legs get stronger, your breathing becomes easier to control, and your mind gains more fortitude… a belief that you are exactly where you need to be.



I have watched each and every one of you get stronger week to week… I see you show up, I see you being present, and I see you kicking the shit out of these really, REALLY hard workouts. This morning was not easy, these were Baxter-caliber hills. None of you backed down, gave up, or decided that it was too intimidating for you. You said fuck yeah, and you dove in head first. We are the NP LAX Suicide Squad… and nothing can stop us. The tribe is strong.



Three days left in August! Keep up on those pushups

#150OrBust – Attendance has been killer lately: keep telling friends, family, and enemies about this good shit.

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