Going for the Gold…Door (IND)

After staying up late and watching Michael Phelps, the Men’s Freestyle Relay team, the women’s gymnastics team (the Final Five), and the rest of the Olympians (American and otherwise) take the gold last night, #NP_IND wanted some gold of our own.  So, we took advantage of all the gold doors at the Indiana War Memorial and decided to get a little competition going.

The Workout:

  • Four countries were formed and started at each of the gold doors – North and South doors at the top of the stairs and East and West doors right off the sidewalk.
  • At each door was an orange cone with one exercise – Pistol Squats, Power Walkouts, Long Jumps, or Rowers.
  • The country would do the exercise on the cone until Casey or Shaw came over and challenged one champion to a rock-paper-scissors battle.  If the country won, they stayed at their gold door and were given a new exercise.  If they lost, the country had to run clockwise to the next gold door.
  • If two teams met at a gold door, then it was a showdown.  Each would name a fighter and the two nations would battle it out with Rock-Paper-Scissors.  The winner stayed, the loser ran clockwise to the next gold door.

The Notes:

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors, much like drinking the water in Rio, is a game of streaks.  Some teams would win five or six battles in a row and never had to run…but when they lost, they lost a lot in a row.  So it all evened out in the end.
  • Leila was clearly the flag bearer/resident badass of her country.  If you were at a gold door and you heard that “CA-CAW” screaming around the bend.  You knew she was about to throw down.


(Leila – is she going to throw rock or punch you in the face??  We really didn’t know)

  • The NP camera flash didn’t seem to work, however the “take 25 pictures in two seconds when you press the button once” feature works great.  So we have that going for us.
  • Congrats our Hype….MAN gold medalists today – Wes and Tod.  Your scissors were sharp, your rocks were jagged, and your paper…crisp, unfolded, smothering?  Anyway you have brought great pride to your family and this nation, as was shown by the USA chant that erupted at the end.
  • Apparently there is another form Rock-Paper-Scissors called Mosquito-Bear-Salmon?  I’m not sure if that is a Zika thing or not, but I don’t think it’s going to catch on.  Not to mention, if Joey Mac can’t get down the “Rock, Paper, Scissors…SHOOT” concept, there is no way he is picking that up!

The Announcements:

  • Don’t forget – quit pulling your sister’s hair and write her a damn letter!  We will be mailing San Fran our love notes, sketches, poems, and short stories next week.  Also, if you haven’t submitted a design for the tshirt.  You have until August 17th so get them in!!
  • And Thirsty Thursday’s may have to have a curfew because on Friday, August 19th we will have our first pop-up workout!! We are dipping our toes in the Friday workout water and will announce the location at next Wednesday.  We will do a couple Fridays, see how they fly and the we’ll see if we want to put a ring on it and make it official.

Thanks to Jaden for his photo magic.  He also has documented the workout on Snapchat so you can check him out there to see it!!


(Jaden and Thomas raise CaseDawg and Shaw’s sock game from weak to FLEEK)

Next week we will be on the South Stairs.  Until then, I will be trying to figure out how fencing is scored.

Much love,

  • Shaw


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