Goal Precisely Achieved

It’s always a great feeling to come back to running after being out for an injury. It’s an even greater feeling to come back to November Project..but what made today truly amazing was to come back on a day where we broke record attendance.


#f*ckyeah. 101 in MSP. That was the goal. Precisely achieved, there were 101 sweaty, friendly, kickass bodies grinding down the “OG” original hill. The workout? #Sixer. 6 reps up the hill and back down with box jumps, push-ups and hot-footed lizards in between. Each hill climb/ workout combo was started on 5 minute intervals.  The workout was hard, the people awesome, and the music loud.


101 people. Not just 101 bodies, 101 awesome incredible individuals willing to rise and grind in the morning to make their day start off right and get to know others in the city they live in. #community at its finest.


There’s not much left to say about this morning, we left it all out on the hill. I’m so thankful and so f*cking proud to spend each and every Wednesday morning with so many uplifting and enlightening people. Way to go tribe!

– Holly


Ian no “BS” is back! He says hello.


#NPSUMMIT!! It’s coming in less than 1 month! Contact Cyndi for more info

Fridays: UMN boathouse, 6:27am. This workout draws a smaller crowd but it is HARD.

P.S. fearless leader Ben Bauch has turned into a muffin pirate.

NP101-Cyndi's Coffee Photos-12


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