Gimel or Nun (ORL)

Wednesday mornings we work hard and we celebrate. We put our bodies through some pretty rigorous physical challenges, but we always try to balance the pain with pleasure. This week, there was lots to celebrate, as the Festival of Lights was in full swing. Hanukkah is celebrated for 8 nights, but we had only one morning to pack in all of the fun. We did not disappoint.

Angelface showed up to the party way underdressed, as it seems he hasn’t quite figured out that FL temps can go from 85 to 40 faster than it takes to fry a latke. He was offered several jackets, but refused, as he is #weatherproof. We huddled close and a long healthy bounce was a formidable warmup. We paired up the longest standing members of NP Orlando (which just turned 2 btw, another small reason to celebrate) with the first timers. Groups of 4 were given a dreidel and instructions on game play. It was gimel or nun as the foursomes spent the next 40 minutes spinning the plastic dreidel, and pushing each other to complete all eight reps of the designated exercises. If you were lucky enough to be a newbie in Ray’s group, you got to do extra reps. That brings us to the burn out, where he seemed to be rethinking that choice. For every time a group spun ‘shin’ they added candy to the pot. At the end of the game, they learned that each piece of candy in the pot represented one burpee they would do for the burn out. A rare grievance aired by the overachieving Ray Bazzi added a long sprint to the 16 burpees, which will be known from that day forward as the #BazziBurnout. A strong finish by everyone was an encouraging start to their day. I honestly didn’t know much about Hanukkah before preparing for this week’s work out and writing this blog. I was inspired by what I have learned about the perseverance of Judah and those who fought with him and stood up for what they believed, despite the odds against them. At the heart of the Hanukkah celebration is the lighting of the menorah. This tradition has many significances and, if nothing else, let it remind us that no matter how dark it is outside, a candle of goodness can transform the darkness itself into light. We all have a fire inside of us, and November Project helps to fuel mine. I mean, who knew that leading November Project would give me a lesson in history and religion? This. Shit. Is. Good!

Peace, love and joy to you all this Holiday season.



  • Happy Birthday to us! November Project Orlando officially turned 2 on Dec. 2!
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  • Good luck to all NPO’s running in the Spartan races this weekend.
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  • December hw-a month full of burpees!
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