Gettin’ Our FREE On

“There’s a lot of crawling” – that was the warning for Monday night’s free pop up workout.

We at NPYVR have been fortunate enough to have teamed up with The North Face Vancouver and Mountain Athletics to produce more free workouts!! Monday’s took place at the beautiful and accessible Sunset Beach. It was a great way to showcase our awesomeness and get an amazing view. The Bounce really got the beach goers attention … However, saying “GOOD EVENING!” really throws you off. HAHA In true NP fashion, we used obstacles to our advantage, starting off with a warm up using picnic tables – insert crawling warning – if we weren’t crawling under them, we were crawling over them. We then travelled over to a more open area where the workout involved a grassy knoll, the seawall and the beach. OH, and the tide was coming in … #weatherproof. The exercises included zig zags, Paul Crawl (more crawling), Mountain Climbers, Burpees, and Hoistees. There was a slight breeze bringing in the warm sea air and a little bit of what BC is known for … At least it wasn’t actual skunk or dead sea creatures. The best part? We managed to pick up a few newbies just by trolling through the park (and she came to the Wednesday morning workout too!) In addition, we were graced with a couple of kidlets from Russia who received NP buffs and , fingers crossed, they will be pledging this fall ;). Graham was working the crowd and found a couple from Seattle who thought what we were doing was amazing and decided they would check out a workout when they get home at Gas Works Park! F*CK YEAH! We had two wicked ladies from Edmonton on a West Coast road trip hitting up all the tribes in Alberta and BC!! We were their second to last stop as Victoria got to meet them on Wednesday!

Wednesday was the last Wednesday of the month, so you know what that means – PR DAY! And many were showing off their PRIDE with our newest rainbow tagging in lieu of the Pride Weekend! What better way to start off your day and celebrate than with The Sunrise 6k! Why 6k? Because no one actually knows what his/her time is for a 6k. And how far is that? We did our loop which really showcases The Park’s super neat #hillsforbreakfast and gradual inclines with views of the city scape, the lusciousness of the park and tennis courts.

Let’s not forget the #tattooverbal we got from our leader Richard and hopefully with these evening freebies we will coerce people into thinking 629am isn’t so bad because 321 is still attainable … There is a poll floating around for days of the week and times that work best for you – please give your input :). LET’S GET HIM INKED!!

If you’re out of town for the weekend, let that #goharddiotgene fly free and have some memorable adventures!

If you’re having a staycation this weekend and taking in the festivities, have a  great time! There’s so many activities!

Happy PRIDE!!

Manic Mel

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