Frogust: Week 3 big scary visible goals (BOS)

As co-leaders of this community, we’re not always sure how much everyone loves the workouts that we throw out for NP_BOS, but during the month of August, we pretty much stop wondering, because we’re going to do the same workout every. single. week.

And the biggest value in doing that–besides changing things up from the whole rest of the year–is that when you do the same exact thing (for a reasonably brief series of weeks), everyone can get a hell of a lot better at that one thing. You can even set some big, scary, visible goals, which help you to break out of the routined ways of thinking about yourselves and what you can do.

By deciding to set your sights on a big, scary goal–like starting at section 20 instead of 15 like you did last week–it might feel like, “holy shit that’s too much.” Or “I’ll never make it to the end.” But our bodies and brains have a way of trying to both protect us from what might seem like “failure,” while also accessing all kinds of internal resources that we don’t realize we have, in order to meet new and higher demands than we’ve experienced in the past. And so if you set the conditions that allow for your body and brain to RISE to the challenge, you might still have protective thoughts like, “I shouldn’t be doing this.” “I should stop.” or “I should just do what I’ve done before.” BUT if you continue and push through those thoughts, you just might also access the capabilities that your body does have, which exist for just such occasions–to meet the unexpected challenges. Think of it like a mental & physical secret reserve. But if you never try using it, you never see what it can offer.

And the benefit of challenging yourself like this, is once you push just beyond your comfort zone, the result (after reasonable recovery & rest) is that you get stronger. This is the progress we’re all looking for.

And the visible part is important too–if we say our goals out loud and make them visible to others, we have some accountability. This can either feel scary or really supportive, and the whole entire point of November Project is to make that kind of accountability feel supportive, good, fun, and kind.

Frogust isn’t just about doing something crazy or weird for a month. It’s truly about working together, to be better than we were last month. Are you in?

One week left…#JustShowUp for the final Wed of Frogust!!

Also, see you Friday for hills on Summit Ave, Brookline. 6:29am.

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