Florida by Brogan Graham


Personally, I’m not a fan. Sorry to my retired friends and fishing boat captains down there who hate reading this, but it is true. I lived in Fort Lauderdale in a warehouse for a year back in 2010. The industrial area I was calling home was snuggled at the intersection of Andrews & The New River (between the jail and the halfway house). I was managing the well known pedicab operation Ocean View Rickshaw and life, needless to say, was weird. Bojan and my brother DG came down multiple times in the winter months and got to see this odd scene first hand.

Just before the big Boston race in April 2011 I returned to the Northeast, saying goodbye to Florida for good, and to briefly stay with Bojan and his wife Emilie for 4 or 5 weeks while I got my life in line. 4 or 5 months later I found my own place – Emile, Bojan and I have a rich history in living together, partying in warehouses, and riding bikes all over Boston, but that is for another time.

“I’m never EVER going back to Florida for ANY reason” means that I’ll fall madly in love with Goldie Kaufenberg who, not only is from the gun toting State of Florida, went to the University of Florida, but has tons of family (tons of family who each own multiple small yippy dogs) that still live there. Years later Golide K. becomes Goldie Graham and this means, you guessed it, lots of trips to Florida to visit gated human & small dog communities. This is a direct example of why you should never say “NEVER EVER EVER” unless you want that shit to automatically backfire. Florida remains a throughway on many trips these days. Florida. The State of Florida.

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But there is a saving grace in the far Southeastern tip of the United States of America. There is a city inside Florida that is unlike any place in the world. It is a spicy hot pocket of energy, it is fast and colorful, it is upbeat and alive. That’s right, Florida has an ace up her sleeve in case Boston-minded fuckers like me try and talk trash. Florida has Miami. Miami, technically is in Florida. Have you been? Old, new, rich, very poor, artistic, athletic, sexy, in the sun, on the dance floor, well dressed, barely dress, misunderstood, healthy, laying all out there, all in Spanish, all night long, home of the Heat, home of the ‘Canes, and a mosaic of cultures, skin tones, and dialects. Miami has flavor and character and confidence. Miami is more real than most cities in North America and yet such a transient place that she doesn’t get too much over the top pride and chest beating (the way a NYC, BOS, or LA do). Miami is a city that the world owns, not just the USA. Miami, the best part of Florida.

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Which brings me to the November Project Pop-Up in Miami a few weeks back which turned into their very first day as November Project Miami. Check it out here.


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