Find the Moments and Make Them Count

What an awesome morning!  After all the talking, hyping, posting, yearbook photo sharing, and writing this week, it’s time for a blog with a to-the-point attitude.  I’m just going to recap a few important moments.

Working out together is really fun.  It’s awesome to show up on an almost chilly, not-quite-rainy Friday morning after one hell of a huge Wednesday Birthday party in Allston, and just get our run on.  And our burpee on, and some cross-country spice too.  That’s what we did.

MOMENT ONE: The Warm Up.

We started with a little bounce to warm up. I promise I’ll get more comfortable bouncing on top of that wall.  We conducted a social experiment to feel the difference between “closed” body language and social energy vs. “open.”  First we all got good and closed up–arms folded tight across our chests.  Then we gave out two great big bear hugs.  WITH NO ARMS.  It’s truly far more awkward and weird when you try it, but it makes a good point.  Then we shook out the arms, opened up the “I’m glad you’re here” energy, and gave out a few big bear hugs.  Wow, what a big difference a little change makes.  The whole vibe of the tribe changed in that moment.  Hmmm…a little moment of intention making a big change?  Read on.

MOMENT TWO: The Workout.

The workout was straight-forward and left lots of opportunity for badassery along the way: full hills with 10 burpees in the park and cross-country spice down the hill, around the picnic table, and repeat with a hard cut-off at 7:20.  The new record tracker lets you announce to the tribe and keep track for yourself how badass you were today.  Everyday is race day people.  Think back to this morning and see if you can remember those transitions from downhill to uphill, from hill to burpees, from burpees to running, from the top of the back hill to cross-country, even from card to card while you did injury deck.  Each of those are little moments when you get to make a choice to take it easy, let gravity do the work, catch your breath before you do one more, or to see what you’re made of.  If you did one full hill this morning and you know you pushed harder than you did last week, then you win.  If you were one of those awesome, badass men and women who started to run past the park this morning and asked me, “do we have to do 10 burpees??” but then went with me and got your face in the mud, laid your strong bodies out on the ground, and clapped like you meant it for all 10 burpees instead of just running by, then you win.  If you knew you could either stop now or get in one more front or back side hill and you chose the hill before the group photo, then you win.  If you’re working on injury deck and you committed to getting some professional medical advice about that injury, or shared about how you’re following said professional advice as you recover and still show up, then you win.  If you (BG) dared to brag that you were going to stop running 45 seconds early only to be challenged to finish strong with a 20 second all-out burpee race and you accepted the challenge, then you win.  We all win because we showed up this morning, but don’t stop racing and getting better just because you showed up.  My friends, the moments that make differences are the ones in which we show up…and then SHOW UP RACING.


After the workout we have the entire rest of this day and it’s filled with moments.  Moments in which we can go through the motions and do what we always do… or we can pay attention and “race” it in whatever form that takes.  “Race” being a positive presence by sharing the NP vibe you felt this morning. Think about what Positivity Award winner “Cool” Scott Champagne would do and then do more of that.  “Race” working hard and working smart today.  “Race” bringing that open arms energy as you bear hug the world.  “Race” being you so that at the end of the day when you lay your head down, you know you #RacedEverything and you feel proud of the difference you made.  It’s what we do dammit!

So go have a weekend of moments.  You earned it.  You did a really great job this morning and I love you more and more each day Boston tribe.
VERBAL for Monday’s workout, which will be at the Dorchester Heights park. It’s a close 1.5 miles from Downtown.  I’ll “race” you there!

Big shoutout to Sam Goresh @Sam_Alyn  who took most of the photos today in the album.  Thanks (again!) for your help!

Who’s winning this race?

BG Bojan cross-country

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