Fill the Stairs

Wisconsin Notes:

-Jets win
-I get knocked down (but I get up again)

Jets had a big win last night, and despite the beers that I’m sure many people consumed in celebration, they still showed up to the workout this morning! It was a lovely morning and people were taking off layers for the whole thing! Derek led us through a very fun, burpee rendition of “I get knocked down” (I’m going to have that song in my head all day now- thanks D!). Then we did a very tough, very awesome, new circuit around the Human Rights Museum and at the stairs. If you saw our Instagram post you know that we’re trying to fill the stairs by the end of the summer, so keep showing up, and keep recruiting, let’s FILL THOSE STAIRS! Today Kelsey won the Shabooya, Kelsey is awesome, he is hard working and friendly and we’re glad that he’s here.

Sunday was the first MEC race of the season! We had a great day out on the course, Jan got a PR, PJ was inspired to sign up for a FULL MARATHON, Darren gave some great finger guns, our cheering section was out bringing everyone home, through that finish line. It was a great day all around, thank you to everyone who came out! Also if you weren’t there go look at our photo album on facebook, and use that hype to convince you to sign up for you next race!

Upcoming Events:

-Friday, April 19, Easter HOP UP POP UP, 7:31 at the Legislative Building, dress up Easter styles (interpret that as you will). We have chocolate and games and shenanigans and all sorts of good stuff set up for you, so come on out, it’s gonna be a good one! Breakfast at Stella’s Sherbrooke, immediately following the workout

-Sunday April, 28th, 10:30am, garbage clean up at the forks, followed by lunch at the Commons, come give back to the space that gives so much to us.

-Thursday, May 30th, PEG City Scramble IV

-Wednesday, June 5th, NP TURNS 5! CHAMPAGNE BIRTHDAY

That’s it, that’s all. Go win your Wednesday, and we’ll see you on Friday at the Legislative building.

Megan Hunter, Mother of Dragons and Queen in the North and of all Seven Kingdoms

ps. I don’t even care if Daenerys goes crazy before the Game of Thrones is done being played, I will always Stan for Khaleesi- I will be the Mad Queen.

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