Figure Eights & Firedrills (PHL)

There’s really only one word to describe this morning’s weather: perfect.  And maybe one more word to describe this morning’s vibe: infectious.  The bounce. The hugs. The sweat.

After suicides on the steps we did a 30 minute figure-8 circuit which included lower, core and upper body workouts and finished with a 15 minute fire-drill burnout running the stairs only stopping to do burpees…things got intense.

A friendly reminder, ALL are welcome at our workouts!  However, our time is limited in the morning so we urge you, if you join, please participate.  If you are injured, bring a deck of cards or ask a leader for a deck.  If you’re too injured for a deck, come and cheer people on, but if you are able-bodied and at the workout – you should be in motion!

Much Love

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