Figure 8 Tag – (PHL)

The steps were wet this morning, but the air was oddly warm, so we were all steamy. Layo kicked off the workout with a DMX inspired bounce featuring the entire Philly Tribe as back up singers! Then we dolled out some strong hugs and suicides on The Steps before we broke out into a full on game of tag – NP style.

We ignored the stairs for the tag portion of the workout, and ran a figure 8 around our loop and our fountain. While this left some confused upon instruction (it was our first figure 8 since inception), y’all didn’t make me lose my mind (up in here, up in here), you rocked it and tribe members Luke and Travis (via his FitBit) helped out with photographic replication of the workout “track” at the close of our hour, gracias!

Photo cred: Luke H. via Travis P.'s FitBit
Photo cred: Luke H. via Travis P.’s FitBit

The workout was fun, altho wet! We sweat it out and ran and laughed. Sometimes its okay to add a bit of play to a fierce workout, after all, moving like we did when we were kids is the foundation to a full life of fitness!

Remember that link I told you about? NPSUMMIT 4.0 deets – TNF Endurance Challenge calendar & discount codes – THIS IS THAT LINK – Check it!

Have a great night – stay dry – we’ll catch you all on Friday on Lemon Hill.



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