February sticker charts and so much more!!


This morning we started celebrating our FIFTH birthday that happened during January of 2019! We decided that one day of celebration simply would not cut it on such a monumental occasion so you might notice kid birthday party themes for most of our workouts this month! We kicked it off with a Pin the Tail on the Donkey (PtTotD) flair to our morning! We think it was a hit even though only a handful of people across both workouts were successful on actually pinning the tail on the donkey!! Surprising how hard that was, right?! All fun and games except for the burnout of burpees and other shenanigans we challenged you with.

SO where are my visual learning/accountabilibuddies?!?! Also this month we are tracking attendance with a pretty fun sticker chart!! True story: when I first started training for marathons/half marathons I would need to print the whole calendar and put it up on the wall.**** This served several purposes:

  1. I was reminded all the time of the goals I had set
  2. I could see my progess & check off when I completed workouts
  3. Rewards!!!

For all this and more the sticker chart will be a pretty fun way to celebrate February. We are giving “bonus” stickers when folks bring newbies, so recruit some friends!! We will probably also throw out some random prize stickers over the course of the month for people doing awesome things to support each other and November Project. If you have some nominations, send the our way!!

Things overheard this morning:

  • “If I knew there was attendance, I wouldn’t have slept in on Friday!”
  • “Can I put my name on here if I only come on Wednesdays?”
  • “I had perfect attendance in high school. I needed this challenge”

My responses to those: YES YES YES. All of your names should be on our February Attendance Sticker Chart. Why? Because it’s F-U-N. And also because you show up so you deserve kudos for it! Also, what are your barriers to Fridays? Fridays are the best kept secret (shhhhh) to November Project Balitmore. It’s usually a smaller crew which means more intimate and easier to get to know people. There’s a reliable Friday breakfast spot, Canela. If it’s a transport thing, let’s talk about it. We can see if there are any people driving/biking/running from your neighborhood. Reach out to one of us and we can help coordinate those conversations! We want to get you there!

SEE YOU ON FRIDAY! 6:30 AM Patterson Park.

Corner of Baltimore and Linwood. JUST.SHOW.UP!

Bring yourself, get a sticker. Bring a newbie, get two!!

Happy Wednesday,


*****Did you read this far? Another true story: I also do this with flossing. You know to hold myself accountable to myself and my dentist. I put a sticky note on my bathroom mirror with days of the week and check boxes so I will actually floss my teeth. You’re welcome for that tidbit of info..!

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