Come as you are (Ottawa)

Another morning, another Wednesday, another SNOW DAY! This Ottawa weather has been wild and wonderful all at the same time. Snow day badge EARNED this morning.

A last minute call to postpone PR day…. So we decked it out instead. We are weather proof, but we also want everyone to continue to be able to walk and run and move through the rest of the winter. Let’s just say, since the Rideau Canal is closed, the PR day hill and stairs would been the skating rink to go to this morning. Barely making it down the stairs without face-planting to check out the hill, it was a non-negotiable, a non-debate, an easy call to avoid any cracked bones. We thank everyone for their flexibility, understanding and just going-with-the-flow attitude that always blows us away. We know no matter what comes at you, this community is ready for whatever.

This morning’s pre/mid-bounce chat was about acceptance and coming to NP knowing you will not be judged. You come as you are, you are accepted for who you are, how fit you are, how much of a morning person you, how outgoing you are, how much of an introvert you are. This means that if the bounce is the weirdest thing you’ve ever been part of, ease into it, take it in, work on tolerating it for the 30 seconds until you are able to embrace it for its weird NP weirdness. If it’s just a bit out of your comfort zone, try to call out a little louder than usual, because this community encourages you to reach out a little farther than what’s comfortable. And if it’s totally you and the bounce is your favourite part of the morning, lead by example and call out even louder, knowing you will not be judged, and it is one of the only times in your week that your full blown yelling is fully accepted and embraced. Your weirdness on any part of the spectrum is embraced here. You can expect that non-judgement from others and we hope that you are also working on encouraging others however they showed up.

Speaking of acceptance and being weatherproof, take a look on social media and the Winnipeg news, polar vortex worldwide weather proofers travelled to the cold capital of Canada and completed the 4th annual Great Skate. Do we have the potential in Ottawa to bring worldwide travellers to see our beautiful city to Ottawa, to experience the Rideau Canal. You better believe it. Rideau Canal Skate Race is February 16, 2019. Register on the eventbrite or see details on Facebook.


  1. February 16, 2019- Rideau Canal Skate Race.
  2. This Friday- spontaneous Art-is-In Pizza night, see November Project YOW social page for details
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