Everybody matters (YOW)

Today we got to workout with some great people. We got to bounce in a circle and yell each of our names. We got to see that every person in that bounce matters. Today we got to workout in the rain/freezing rain/snow/sleet/slush/puddles/mud?? I don’t know what it is about doing that, but somehow you make it out there and it sucks but it is also the best. I’m not sure that would be the case if I woke up to run by myself. It’s something about knowing other people around you are also running with heavy and sloshy running shoes. And not because you want anyone else to suffer from the wet shoe, but you know you’re going through it together. Somehow you run a little faster, a little harder, you remove layers and you don’t notice the pain of the rain. It’s nice to know that we made the most of a wet morning, when we would otherwise not have many reasons to be outside. And every person who came out there today is what made this morning so great. Every face you got to pass, every face that encouraged you, every person who pushed you to just keep on lunging. Thank you, we are glad you came.

This #weatherproof thing is actually pretty cool. Someone recently asked me if we ever cancel, and my feeling when I heard this question was memorable and showed what November Project has done to my mindset. My feeling was automatic surprise, laughter and then excitement. Surprise that it was a question, then laughter because it’s a ridiculous thought that there would ever be a reason to cancel. I could think of nothing (Please note that it’s not a ridiculous question, because events are cancelled all the time for various reasons, so it’s understandable that someone might wonder, so no judgements). The next feeling was excitement in knowing that November Project will just never be cancelled. Ever. There will ALWAYS be somebody to workout with on Wednesday mornings. That’s pretty cool.

So, another important thing happened this morning- the positivity award was presented to Andre, a warm, happy, positive and encouraging individual in our community. He shows up no matter what, with a smile and ready for a hug. You can usually hear him yell some kind of sound of pain/struggle at some point in the workout because he is always leading by example and pushing hard in the workouts. He run fast, he runs hard, and he brings others along with him. We wish him and the positivity award an amazing trip to run the Boston Marathon. We’ll be cheering for you, Andre! Congratulations and thank you for your positivity.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and you energy with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together.


  1. NEXT WEEK: Sunrise6K (there WILL be a stencil for all participants!) Meet at 6am at Centennial flame. We will wait until everyone finishes, so bring layers to cheer on the crowd.
  2. NP recruiting challenge- one more week left for MEC prizes to whoever can recruit the most number of newbies! Tag @novprojectyow. Make sure you tell them about the 6am start time.
  3. Stadium workouts start April 25th. TD Place, Landsdowne.


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