End of the Endless Summer

We may only have a few weeks of summer left, but let’s be real, in LA summer is practically year round. As we head toward darker mornings, no 5:30 pictures, and less mosquitos, we have an opportunity to create even more magic on Wednesday and Friday mornings. While the rest of LA breaks out their Uggs for the sub 70º temperatures, starts ordering hot PSLs, and starts making excuses for why they hit snooze for a 5th time, we’ll still be crushing our morning workouts and starting the day with positive vibes.

The end of summer leads us to some of our favorite month long holidays. We’ve got Stairtober on the horizon, and immediately followed by Hillvember. The weather may start cooling off, but we’re just heating up!

If you don’t already have an accountabilibuddy or two, I suggest finding one. Remember that that relationship works both ways and just as you are relying on them to make sure you keep showing up, they are also relying on you. Maybe there is someone at the workouts who you look up to or find yourself always chasing them or being chased by them. Does that person know that you appreciate them being there and pushing you to train a little bit harder? If not, let them know. Let them know that you are glad they’re here!

Do good, LA!


Friday 6am Chinatown

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