Effing Racers (IND)

In the Race Capital of the World, NP Indy threw down this morning. The Up and Over was added to Race Day and it got dirty real quick. That’s how we do it, quick and dirty! BOOM.

  • Up and Over
  • 50 sit-ups
  • Up and Over
  • 50 push-ups
  • Up and Over
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • Up and Over
  • 25 burpees
  • Up and Over

The tribe chewed up those stairs/situps/pushups/mountainclimbers/burpees and spit them out like a redneck dippin’ at the racetrack. Great effing job today—that was vomit worthy! Seriously, y’all killed it. The effort, the positivity, the encouragement, the hugs—will keep us smilin’ the rest of the week.

Race Day results: you know where to find ‘em!

The Positivity Award was given to Amy, who kept a smile on her face while sweatin’ and in the spirit of recruiting, brought two newbies with her. #fuckyeah!


The cops showed up, eek! Noise violation from the Music Mullet? Naw, they kindly took not one, but all three of our group photos. Thank you, sir!


Next week: Bring someone. Anyone. #RecruitEveryone. Get ready to unleash your inner kiddo.

#JustShowUp Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs.




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