Edmonton Breaks The New Record, Rest Of The Tribe Shivers in Awe!

by Nadim

It’s not even PR day, but we really wanted to hulk smash some records and make history. We must have been inspired by Monday’s history lesson. We didn’t just set a TR (Tribe record), but we set an NPR (November Project Record) today. We have a thing called Badges of Honour for those who brave the cold. We earned our -10 badge last week and today, we decided to skip the -20 badge, and go straight to -30. 45 people who scoffed at Old Man Winter and earned themselves the -30 Badge of Honour. Since we haven’t found a way to transfer frozen paint onto shirts yet, you will have to wait to get them, but we know who you are, and we are damn proud of you.

Since this tribe was a newborn baby on July 15th, we have been asked every week what we would do when it gets to -30C. Well, we finally walked the walk. -31C after windchill. For our American folks, -31C is the equivalent of -24F. For our California friends, windchill is when it is so cold, you get 3in icicles on your nose (see today’s Facebook album).

Half an hour after the workout, it was about 10 degrees warmer in Edmonton. I’m not saying that we warmed the city, but it’s a hell of a coincidence.

We are still collecting to #weatherproofYEG. There are people out there who do not have as many layers as you, and could use your help. Friday will be the last day that we will collect clothes. Bring em to the hill or to MEC.

Friday, we celebrate. MEC – 7pm. The Pint DT – 9pm.

We came, we hugged, we conquered.

By: Steve (Has a girlfriend), Danny (Doesn’t), and Ivan (Canines goin crazy for that Brazilian bark)

Greetings North American tribes. South of the Mason Dixon Line was having a blast this morning. We had a first time visitor that enthusiastically wanted to write the blog post, so meet Ivan (pronounced ee-vàn, that’s right female pups, he’s a Brazilian Husky) you may remember him from our We Missed You post a few weeks ago.

After being publicly shamed on Facebook for missing November Project two weeks ago(they used my puppy picture, I mean, come on, I’m a solid 70 pounds now), I was determined to get myself and Emma to the steps. With great fortitude I arose this morning, took my morning pee on a fire hydrant (I think a golden retriever has been trying to claim it as hers, but I’ll pee twice on it tomorrow to make sure it stays in my possession), and hopped in the car to head to the Lincoln Memorial.

When I #JustShowedUp I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were 65 people hopping up and down, chanting to one another and giving hugs. I couldn’t contain myself; my tongue had a mind of its own. I licked all the newbies and gave them my own personal hug. After saying our good mornings and f&#$ Yeahs, we started running up and down the Lincoln stairs. Tail wagging, fur in the breeze, I was home. Each trip up the stairs I didn’t know whether lick someone or give them a paw five, so I did a lot of both. Luckily I hadn’t gelled my fur yet because people were going nuts petting me, I’ll detag the awkward pics later. After we ran, everyone stood in a big dog bowl like shape and sat on one other. All I wanted to do was jump up and down on them but I did my own personal squats, #RippedGlutes #BootyMeat. I am excited to bark about this tonight with all my homies, they’ll be jealous. To all the other canines in the District, 6:30 am at the Lincoln Memorial is the place to be. Just do not even think of peeing the northeast portion of the grass adjacent to the 3rd step, that is my territory, seriously, its mine. See you all next week!

by Teddy G

Today, under a glorious pink and orange sunrise, we introduced Flower Power(TM), a pedal-shaped jaunt that included everything from hoisties to eye contact squats. Between the sustained eyeball staring, the skyline, and copious hugs, it was as much a romantic, intimate 100 person date as it was a badass workout.

Also, 20 guys showed up with cases of Muscle Milk. To each his own, but for the record, DG and TG didn’t touch the stuff. We keep it all natural.

by Clayton

That’s right sports-fans, you don’t have to bang Al Roker to know it was a soggy one out there this morning. But the tribe is strong, the tribe is #weatherproof, and frankly, the tribe doesn’t really have it that bad — it was still like 60 degrees and there was barely any wind. If this is as bad as it gets, I think we’re going to be fine. In the interest of avoiding a lawsuit, I’d like to go on record and say that I don’t have definitive proof that Al Roker withholds predictive weather-related information for sexual favors. It was a friend of a friend, and it was only that one time… (her name rhymes with Schmeredith Vierra). Incidentally, if we could refrain from using the words ‘Al Roker’ and ‘soggy’ in the same sentence ever again, that would be dandy. Thanks.

Despite the less than ideal weather, NPSF showed up in some serious numbers this morning to take down some Tabatas. If you were like me and were sorely disappointed to find out that Tabatas weren’t some sort of new and exciting Mexican breakfast dish, too bad. You instead got a healthy dose of burpees, v-ups, sergeant jumps, and a delicious side-order of planks. Oh, and don’t forget the suicides. Yeah, you heard me right, SUICIDES! We broke it down like a 1990’s gym class out there. I tried telling Laura that I was having some “female issues,” but she didn’t buy it.

THIS FRIDAY, come join us for hills. 6:22 AM in the Kezar Stadium parking lot. Drop your verbal now, drop it like a hot Tabata.

by Jessie

Good Morning San Diego (and the rest of the world)!!

You know it’s gonna be a good morning when the workout starts with Early 90s Hip Hop on the boom box (well, iPod speakers…but lets just say it was a boom box, a big. boom. box.) We had our biggest group yet, 35 of you crazy mo’fos and it couldn’t have been more fun! We had people chasing dogs, baby sebastians on hills, toddlers tagging park benches…it was pure, incredible, insanity! Lessons learned at NP-SD this morning: 1. Running UP Kate Sessions hill first, is way harder during intervals (and because we love yo fine asses – that’s probably the only way it will ever be done again!) 2. San Diego still has some issue with forming straight lines and circles (I blame it on us just being so laid back) 3. LP rocks galaxy pants like pro and finally 4. McLovin is the fastest man alive. A big shout out the New Balance crew and all our newbies for helping make today one of the best Hump day workouts ever – it’s incredible to see this tribe grow, I’m definitely gonna need some new sunglasses with all this NEON!

Ya Feeling Good San Diego? Fuck Yeah!

Can’t wait to see everyone tonight at Recruiting Papers!

by Dan

Kings of the Castle. Today the Denver tribe protected our castle and grew stronger for future bouts with Mother Nature, alarm clocks, and cocoon syndrome (wtf??). With the Civic Center Amphitheater as our coliseum, the valiant tribe persevered through stair climb sprints, with interruptions by the glorious chime of More Cowbell. This chime marked a break in the sprint routine and welcomed intervals of burpees, pushups, and anything else that Aaron felt like doing.

The tribe was audited today by Megan, a professional performance measurement analyst and Boston tribe regular. Megan endured our workout and dutifully evaluated us from her checklist of NP Norms. In an effort to get extra credit, we awkwardly sang happy birthday to her. Look for her at a future NP workout adding to her NP Passport, in which she hopes to earn tags from every tribe.

As we paint more grass roots gear, pass out our Recruiting Papers, and laugh at each other’s ‘fierce’ mug shots, the tribe continues to beautify our community.

by Bojan

Remember that time 600 people showed up to work out in 25 degree weather? 25 degrees is not Edmonton cold, but it’s still pretty chilly.

Let’s get something straight. BG and I are about to tackle our 3rd Boston winter as a part of this crazy movement, and one thing that we notice is that as weatherproof we are, our numbers seem to suffer a little bit when the temps hit below freezing. We understand that on a dark, cold, mornings instead of working out, all you want to do enjoy the warmth and fuzziness of your bed sheets. But not this morning! You, the tribe came out strong… So strong that we thought it was August! You know there were a lot of people there when it took me solid 10 minutes just to start everyone. Keep it going friends, I promise you’ll have a blast this winter and you’ll accidentally get fit.

You probably heard about our #FREE racing event called #SceneBeSeen that sold out 400 racing spots within 90 minutes of the link going live. If you weren’t able to get the racing bib, we apologize. We didn’t anticipate that the response will be this positive and overwhelming. Many of you asked if you can just come and run the race without the bib. Let’s put it this way – the race is at the public space, and if you just happen to run around the Pleasure Bay at 6:30pm in neon/illuminated costumes, who are we to prevent you from doing it. If that still seems uncomfortable, please consider this Boston Brunch Runners event taking place at the same time, same place, with same people (they just happen to love pancakes and lobster bibs). See you on Friday in Brookline.

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