ECON101: Intro to Weirdonomics (NPSF)

The tribe is getting educated… really fucking educated #NPPhD! Throughout our #BACKTOSCHOOL recruitment month, we’ve delved into the Principles of Chemistry (Fusion!), we’ve dabbled in algebra equations (how can do you do 6.7 pressups?), we’ve dodged class to taking an early 6.30am recess (leap frogging down a 20 degree hill may not have been the smartest call), and we’ve driven our tribe up the monstrous Tank hill trail with psychologically inspiring quotes… with Pavlov’s bell, the tribe were conditioned. Like I mean “Ted Gurman (NP_MSN leader) drooling out of the mouth conditioned”, but also the “fuck yeah, I just devoured that hill conditioned” #knowwhatimsayinnn

Well today, the class took ECON101, where Prof. O’Clayton taught them about the cutthroat world of trading. Basics of the workout. Bottom of the Aquatic Park hill, we have the “Supply”, hundreds of playing cards with an exercise written on it. Opening bell… everyone picks up 3 cards. 30 minutes until the close of the trading day.


Aim of the game: Get yourself a straight, 3 cards in a row of any suit (e.g. 10, J, Q). Get 3 in a row… well done!! The Prize… sprint out the pier to the burpee station and give us 10 celebration Burpess. By the end of trading day, the person with the most celebratory burpees win the grand prize, i.e. two free Cliff bars that Clayton picked out of a bin at the #ECSWI #NPSUMMIT this past weekend.

Ways to trade your cards: You can drop your card and trade it with one from the Supply, but you must do the workout on that card (drop a King with Jump Squats… do 13 Jump Squats). Then, you sprint up the hill to the “Demand” spot, where you hold a Chair Squat whilst haggling with other tribe members to swap cards. You can’t make a deal? Tough shit, trading is a dog-eat-dog world… you hold that squat until you make that damn deal.


Furthermore, your co-leaders from around the #NP17 had a great #NPSummit this past weekend, coming up with the ideas to make your November Project experience better again with bigger hugs, tougher workouts, great community! The tribe is really fucking strong! So expect a summary blog in the coming days. Here’s one event we want you all to mark in your calendars though.

On December 6th, teams from across the #NP17 will descend on San Francisco for the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship in the Marin Headlands. After just missing out an a podium finish in Madison, NPSF are wanting some silverware #FTW. So we’ll be entering loads of NPSF teams in the Marathon relay. Start finding your partners, as it’ll be teams or 2 or 4. NP founders and Boston co-leaders, Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, will be in the city and will undoubtedly make an appearance at our NPSF workouts. Get ready to bounce, people!

Next class resumes at the Alta Plaza steps on Wednesday @ 6.26am! #JustShowUp

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