It is said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So, what does a donut bring? If you’re in Chicago and it’s National Donut Day … lots of full-body repetitions with a special emphasis on the money maker.

Today’s tribe session had one purpose with regard to the sanctity of this day: burn ‘em before you earn ‘em (donut calories). This involved a warm-up including partner donut squats, tipping bird single-leg balances, inch-worm crawls, an intense 8-minute “Jane Fonda” booty-blasting sesh, before closing with 3 minutes of burpees. Every leg pump earned a donut’s sprinkle, and every attendee earned a hug.

Today was the official final day with the tribe for Bonnie: our trusted photographer, cheerleader, yogi-master, and Canadian life force. We wish you nothing but the highest levels of happiness and deepest levels of love as you embark on your newest and next phase in life: marriage. Through your photos, but more so- your friendship- you’ve left a lasting mark on our tribe and each of us. Please keep in touch.

Special thanks to the Quad Cities phenom, Em Rowlands, for your offer of and pre-dawn contributions towards today’s workout. And to “Brandy”- the 2/3s of the leadership team who were absent today in adventure and illness- 1,000 burpees each. You’re on the clock… “Go!”.

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