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Wisconsin Notes:

  • Plogging recap
  • Today’s workout recap- legs on fire
  • It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later

Sunday, we did some spring cleaning around the Forks. The Forks has been NP Winnipeg’s meeting spot for over 5 years now and we decided to give a little bit of our time to give back to the place that means so much to us. Thank you to all of you that showed up and plogged around (and even brought your kids, which made my heart feel all mushy on the inside because kids are the best and basically the future of anything and everything!!)

There’s a few of you missing (because you were still plogging in some areas) but more than 30 of you showed up to plog!

It’s still so hard to dress properly for these cold-ish, gloomy looking mornings! It’s cold at first, but then we start to bounce and move a little (a lot) and then we peel off those extra layers.
We started off with one of my favourite warm ups at the CN stage with a number call out, to the top of the stairs and back. Then, we did many many many many squats to “Imma Be” followed by a casual, nice, leisurely lunge across the St-B bridge. It never gets easy but it’s definitely one of the things we do that you all comment on the most. I even heard a few people asked if we were going to lunge back – I 1,000% know this was pure sarcasm, but the feedback is helpful for potential future workouts (I still think that Jess would be the first to finish if we did it a second time, and then she might actually feel a little of that soreness we are all going to feel tomorrow morning, or maybe she’s just super human).

Super human moment caught on camera – she is literally floating/flying . Not sure if it has anything to do with being a pilot?
many squats, many squats, many many many squats

We then moved it on over to the Astronomy Circle for Rock Around the Clock and finished with some head, shoulders, knees, toes, nose, BUFF. This was hilarious to watch you dive for the buff/shoe/glove! Great work today! You absolutely crushed it this morning and I know that my legs are going to feel like 1 millions pounds tomorrow and it’s going to be DOMS on Dom , for sure.

So today marks my official 1 year NP-versary of leading November Project Winnipeg. It was also my last workout as a leader. Throughout this past year of leadership, I have learned so much about this community and what it has to offer and it keeps getting better and better. I have also learned a lot about myself. Now, I am not able to write or capture all of the moments that mean the world to me (because , you’d be reading this for forever). From my first nervous bounce, to gaining confidence in leading a group of 200+ people- I am extremely grateful, happy, lucky, honoured (and insert all other happy feel good feels here) to have had an opportunity to be a part of this tribe’s leadership. From Rick and Tom creating Winnipeg Gone Rogue to becoming and official November Project group, to adding Derek to the crew, and then Megan for some female leadership! It has been a blast creating fun, weird, wacky, hard workouts for you all.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH  FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PART OF MY HEART FOR THOSE KIND WORDS! I read each and every one of those notes when I got home. My eyes definitely sweated from the poems and planes, to pictures and postcards and stickers in a personalized memory box and so much more, I love you all so much.

Trying to hide the world’s biggest ugly-happy cry ever.

I want you to keep challenging yourselves in EVERY aspects of your lives to be better, stronger and faster then you were yesterday. Keep connecting with each other, meet new people and try new things. Change is difficult and getting uncomfortable makes us feel awkward and weird all over, but it’s also how we learn and grow. Stepping outside that comfort zone was (and is) one of the best choices I have ever made.

This isn’t a goodbye, I promise that it’s a see you later! Don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me or heard the last of my pun-believable jokes. I am looking forward to being by your side and crushing the workouts with you all. I believe I still have the best and fastest bear crawl ever – if anyone wants to challenge me on that

It’s been a pleasure leading, or some of you used the words “torturing with good intentions” this tribe. Imma Be…. back in a few weeks! I leave in about 17 hours to Thailand- so I should probably start packing. #VERBALforAfewWEEKSfromNOW

Love always,

Dom bomb dot com ♥

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