Do you Schwabe? We do, on the NEWS (BAL)

This morning was a fine morning for the NEWS world and for NP #WorldTakeover. If you weren’t on your computer or at workout this AM, November Project had a ever prime location on Good Morning America, spreading the good news (#dadjoke) about #FreeFitness, Bojans, sweaty and uncomfortable hugs, and a community driven lifestyle. Funny enough, WBAL TV decided to swing on by Baltimore’s workout this morning and see if what they have been hearing about NP matched reality.

And working with the news, it shows me something: NP is more than just small bite-sized sound bites. I’m good at the sound bite; it’s my job. But when really trying to show what NP is about, why people come, what makes them come, and ultimately what makes people come back? All of that is more than just a 2-second sound bite.

Every workout we have the chance to meet someone new, learn their story, and hear what their life is about. That alone take more than a full workout. That takes months or years and sometimes we won’t hear it all. Each individual that #justshowsup on a Wednesday or Friday morning has their own unique reasons for coming to NP. It has been 2.5 years and Nick, Pat, and I still have the immense pleasure of getting to know someone’s name and something new about them. It’s an ever evolving cycle of awesome.


With that said, some of our BEST people have come from seeing NP on the news. And we want them. We want YOU. Use the clip to #justshowup or convince someone else to do the same. But nothing in a 2 minute clip will ever tell you what coming to workout will show you.


Like Pat said in his interview this morning (that may or may not make it on the segment), “Today they say we are more connected, but online. People crave community and that is what we try to do here.” Step out of your comfort zone from behind the computer screen and into a place where we are excited to learn your name and see your face again.

With that said, thanks for your positivity each and every week. And just for kicking ass on an every day basis. You’re “way fun.” (P.S. Hi Schwabe. We’re happy you’re here)


Watch our segment tonight on WBALTV @ 5:00PM, while you are drinking your Boh before the game.

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