Dec 3rd (YEG)

Let’s get the hype train going! November Project Canada has a been gifted another opportunity for us help spread awareness about this amazing community. We get to practice what #JustShowUp means and allow for other folks to get a taste of what makes it so amazing. And this time they have prizes!!! Who doesn’t like prizes. As a co-leader I think there is this very interesting thought process that happens when events like these are offered. NP doesn’t have ROI (return on investment) that we are looking to obtain other than FUN so not every kind of offer or organization is going to feel right to partner up with. When an organization just wants us to do our thing and they try to elevate the fun a lot of the time it does feels right. Don’t get me wrong Lazina and I deliberate (I 1000% over analyze!) before making a call but I do love when there is a special thing that comes along and we are looking forward to it. We’ve talked about Dec 3rd already and here it goes again but this time I am not going to give you a link for you to click on but this time it’s a photo for you to view ooooo aaaahhhhh.

We’ll keep you in the loop on any updates. Looks like it’s going to be a cold one!

Great work to everyone pushing through race day for 28mins and 19 seconds! Super big props to everyone that got a PR (Personal record) too!!! That is no small accomplishment especially in the winter time! I hope you stayed warm for the rest of the day and recover enough to see you at Walterdale Hill on Friday :). One quick note: I know we are all about the #JustShowUp vibes but looking at the weather forecast for the next little bit I do what you to be safe and do what is best for you. I will always love to see you at workouts and I’ll always be there for high fives, hugs, and cheers [happy to give layering tips too] but the best part of NP is that it never ends – if you can’t make a specific day then I can’t wait to see you at the next one.

Keep being awesome,


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