Dear November Projectors (of all types),

(During my short, but powerful, experience with the November Project DC,  AKA “33 Hours With Steve”  I was reminded over and over just how lucky and unique we all are. My time in San Francisco and Denver were just as  amazing but it is the growing network of athletes across the country that has inspired this letter)

Dear November Projectors,

What you have done has not been done before. What you will continue to do will change the world. This movement may have started as two Yahoos shared a beer in Boston, but what has been created since has been no accident and required sacrifice and effort that too often has gone unappreciated.

To Bojan and Brogan, Your consistency and determination continue to inspire us all. (whether we admit it to your faces or not) You are powerful leaders that have changed the landscape of fitness forever. Thank you.

To The NP Leaders of Cities across the globe, I know first hand just how much effort and sacrifice this takes. You are powerful. You are positive. You have each created a space for your athletes that is invaluable to each tribe member that shows up. The biggest challenge is the consistency that you have made a priority. Your lives may be chaotic, but it doesn’t show at 6:26 am. You all deserve more credit than you might get, so at least from me: Thank you.

To The Core Members of Tribes, You are the movement. I have seen first hand (in a lot of your cities) how selfless you can be with your energy and support of each other. You have stepped out of comfort zones and improved yourselves and those around you. Fast Fuckers – you’ve gotten funnier, and Clowns – you’ve actually become Fast Fuckers.

To The Part-Timers, and the Some-Timers, We may give you a hard time after each ‘hiatus’, but let it be known now – WE LOVE YOU. We may forget where you work or what your specific excuses are, but you make the workouts fun and unique. If I had only the ‘Core’ Milwaukeans every week – it would be tough going (kidding – I love you all)

And Finally, To those that have been a part of the sacrifice and stress that has allowed this movement to grow, (I’m thinking of Meggie and all those other ‘Meggies’ out there.) Whether it is the early mornings, late nights or spray paint in your lungs, this has taken the whole village and we would be nowhere with out you.

But we’re not nowhere, we’re everywhere! Every time you wake up for a workout you can be warmed and entertained by the fact that from New Orleans to Edmonton (and most importantly in Milwaukee) athletes just like you are getting their asses out of bed and heading out the door.

So Get Up, Keep Getting up and help get each other to the workouts, because like I’ve said before, ‘We need ’em all. Because as YOU know…


Love, Respect and Full-Time-Gratitude to you all



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