Counting and Excuses (YEG)

So, no one ever taught us how to count to two, but our real second birthday was today. In our defence, a baby doesn’t learn to count until they’re at least 3 years old. The way, I see it, we are ahead of the game #raceeverything. This whole situation still confuses me, but today is our actual birthday. Can you imagine if the day you thought was your birthday was all a lie? We just gained 2 more days of life. I’m not sure when we’re going to use those two days, but we’re open to suggestions on what we will do for those two days. We are supposed to be 2 years and 2 days old today.. but we’re not.. we’re 2 years old. We should celebrate these bonus days by going to play on a boat. Or maybe we should sprint up a mountain. Whatever we end up doing with these two bonus days, I’m sure it will be fun. We might just save them until the end of time.. and then use them once time has ended. This should be a movie. I might have to pitch it to the tribe down in LA.

Every one of you sets your alarm in the morning very early. From the time you go to sleep, until the time we give that final hug at November Project, you have taken every excuse for not coming and thrown it out the window. Unless your excuse for not coming is a child. If it is, then please dont throw your child out the window. Bring your child with you to November Project. This was not where I was expecting this paragraph to go. Let’s reset. Ok. You’ve taken every excuse for not coming, and ignored it until it doesnt exist anymore… this isn’t working. Please do not ignore your child. Reset. You and all your friends (present and future) at November Project, who you may or may not have met yet, don’t make excuses. You’re not good at making excuses, and we like that about you. You just show up. You’ve probably told someone you know to come try out November Project. This is usually followed by a sideways glance, a chuckle, and then an excuse. So, ask them again, and then before they even try to make an excuse, show them this:




POP UP ALERT! Send all your friend in Toronto here!



See you Friday at Emily Murphy Park. 6am.

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