Shaky Legs

“My legs haven’t shaken this much since my first day at November Project.”

“I love this workout.”

“I fucking hate this workout.”

That just about sums up this morning in Harvard Stadium.  The workout was Raceman.  Better known as the newest thing we love to hate at NP.  It crushes us, kills us, breaks us down, and makes us puke/cry/shake like frightened puppys.  It’s hard and it hurts, especially when it’s also so freaking humid and warm like it was this morning.  It consists of lining up side by side at the bottom of several sections, so everyone is ready to start at once.  You identify one person–anyone–standing next to you to race your face off to the top of the section.  Whoever wins the race goes down the small crimson stairs to the right, and moves to the next section (lower number) to find a new racing partner.  Whoever finishes the race second goes down the stairs to the left, to the next section with a higher number and also races again.

We did this for 5 minutes straight, as many races as possible, and then rested for 2 minutes.  Four repeats of the 5′ on/2′ off was the workout.  And then we did 2 extra minutes just to prove we’re more badass than we thought.  There was a lot of sweat.  A whole lot.  There was some blood.  Just a little.  And there were tears.  Both out of joy and pain.  There was even some lovehate.  And there were shaky legs.  Lots of legs and lots of shaking.  It’s almost impossible to have anything left in the tank after Raceman.  This is what a couple of core tribe members had to say when they were done.

fuck you raceman
And if you thought that Raceman didn’t provide enough badassery this morning to last all the way until Friday’s workout, then you are mistaken.  We doubled down. One half of the amazing stadium had Raceman happening, and the other half of the stadium were changing the face of the modern Robot.  Robotman3 was happening in sections 19-1, and the game of fierce was strong on that half.  Everyone there was digging through the humidity while they crushed 19 sections at a time, ran back around behind the bleachers to section 19 and continued until time was called.  There was no complaining, no backing down. Just good shit happening.

If your legs weren’t shaking after NP this morning, you probably weren’t there.  This tribe is so fucking fierce, it gets me fired up.

everyone can track the number of sections you completed today in the NP tracker.

530 group photo

your homework for today

is to bring that fierceness to the NP #community.  Connect with the tribe today.  leave a message on someone’s social media spaces telling them they are awesome.  Send a text to let people know they inspire you or made you work harder this morning.  Reach out to someone you DON’T KNOW but you saw at the workout and let them know you’re glad they were there.  Connect.  It’s what we do in this here strong, fierce, wacky community.

your homework for Friday

is to make a watermelon derby race car and bring it to race.  You can still workout if you don’t have a watermelon race car.  But it’s more fun if you do. And if you want to swim in the pool, be a derby winner.  All deets are in the Watermelon Derby blog.

630 group photo

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