Let’s face it, every single city that experiences winter (and probably the ones that don’t as well) have a whole season of the year dedicated to construction.  In Boston, the construction season is most of the time it isn’t snowing.  And on top of the general construction, the repairs to the Comm Ave overpass and BU bridge (which also affects the Mass Pike) have become an annual thing that totally disrupts the flow of traffic, pedestrians, commuting, and basically everything in Boston for the entirety of the project.  They try to localize it and get it done within a tight time frame–but “tight time frame” for construction still means an entirety for those of us who like to use the streets, sidewalks, bike paths, and bridges involved.

But just like November Project is #weatherproof forever and always, no matter what…we are also construction proof.  I mean, #ConstructionProof.  Sure the roads are closed off, of course the bridge isn’t open, but are we going to run away from those spots in the city?  Heck no.  We’re going to keep exploring and taking advantage of the unique spots we never get to be in–we’re going to start our week cheek to cheek with the cars racing eastbound on Storrow Drive–and get ourselves sweaty and dirty playing in the playground of Boston that is only ours for a moment, during construction season.

It’s a good reminder that obstacles, challenges, and things that seem to be “blocked off” for use, are actually opportunities to act, explore, be, and do things differently.  It throws us out of our norm, which isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s great to see the city differently.  It’s exciting to be standing (or burpee-ing or lunging) right in the spot that thousands of cars are usually cruising through every morning.  It’s unique to take part in a very small moment of time that if we take advantage of, could change our perspective on everything else, in the best ways.  What if those roadblocks were actually openings for new things?  Not only on the street, during construction, but also in life–each day, every day?

It’s encouraging to see so many human beings show up for what could be a construction-laden, weird-as-hell workout on a Monday morning–because it means the opportunities that are possible from just showing up outweigh the restrictions we already know exist.  On this Monday, let’s keep seeing the opportunities and running toward them.  Some roadblocks we can just jump over or plow through, and sometimes we have to respect the space that’s blocked off for the work to be done, but that just invites us to see the “unseen” spaces, explore the new routes, and strengthen our adaptability.  It’s not easy–in fact, it’s usually really freaking hard.  But the hard stuff makes us better–in workouts and in life.  We show up, and we don’t stop.



When will we see you next? Wednesday at Harvard Stadium: 5:30 & 6:30am for Frogust.  Bring water and be ready to sweat. (These state troopers might even show up, and if they do, they’re definitely leading the bounce.)

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