Connection (YEG)

We’ve all been experiencing it – connecting right now is hard. But really, what does connection mean to you? The definitions haven’t changed: to feel linked to someone/something else, but the ways we can can connect have undeniably been limited. All that means to me is that we have to be better – strive to go beyond what we knew as normal. We can see that already by the amazing connections people are making over Zoom. All across the globe people are connecting in far more consistent ways and innovative ways than we ever did before. Obviously there are negatives that come with the situation we are in, but I hope this one positive thing is something that we keep in our daily routine once things calm down.

Making a statement like that is pretty easy for me to do as I eat M&Ms on the couch but the reality is that acting on it can still be difficult for us all. All this time alone can heighten the insecurities that you can feel. Why was I not included on that call, should I take the first step, if they don’t contact me why should I contact them, etc etc. I know its hard but especially right now, try to be kind to one another.

The people that you are acquainted with have lived lives that you’ll never fully know and right now, compassion and connection are what we could all use a bit more of. Reach out to someone – that is my ask to you. Find someone you haven’t talk to in a while and tell them about how special the view from your window is. Maybe its got your favourite tree in the background or maybe a view of the skyline. Okay, it doesn’t have to be that specific, but shoot the shit for a little bit. Find a reason to make a connection with someone especially if you have to make the first move. That mantra I use – keep being awesome – as silly as it is, reminds me that I can continue to choose to be better for the people around me, and I know you can too.

If anyone ever wants to chat, feel free to reach out anytime (I’m on all the socials) and I’d love to hear about the view out your window.

Keep being awesome,



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