Confessions of a Hugaphobic (DCA)

Our tales of the tribe continues this week (yeah, we know this was supposed to be a Sunday thing) with a post from one of our coolest, most badass, dedicated members of the DC tribe. The wiser of the mother-daughter duo that graces our presence every week, this woman has come full circle and recruits all her friends, random strangers on the mall during Arcade Motorcade, and anyone else willing to chat with her about NP.


Ask her if this community has changed her life and she’ll respond with a solid HELL YEAH.


Driving in from College Park (and willing to even give me a ride sometimes), she brings love, hugs, smiles, and even cupcakes to workouts. Without further ado, I present former positivity award winner and one of our proudest NP moms, Moira (formerly known as Mona):

Confessions of a hugaphobic…

When everyone starts hugging, I usually step back and preserve my space; give a little wave and smile. I wait and see if that will be enough, and get away without the hug.  That was my modus operandi until January 1st! On New Years Day, I attended my first November Project workout. I was looking for something to spice up my workouts. I heard that they were into hugging…I had read the Runners World article and was prepared. I had a plan….stay in the back, keep quiet and no one will notice me. WRONG…., everyone at November Project gets noticed, especially when you show up the day after one of the biggest drinking days of the year, with a wind chill of 8 degrees, and it is 6:30am! I walked up to the Lincoln Memorial and before I knew what was happening, I was giving Danny a “full hips in hug”!


Then I was introducing myself to someone else I didn’t know and giving another hug. Each week I gave more hugs met more people and the started to realize it was awesome. After each workout I would come home feeling so elated all day.


Now I am giving hugs..and hugs and hugs, some to people I know, some to ones I don’t know. At Friday’s workout I even let someone give me a piggyback ride and I gave one back. This weekend I hugged my Dad, my siblings, my family, and then some.


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