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Wisconsin Notes: Throw down your P.R. times on the NP Tracker and sign the waiver (create an account) if you haven’t because risk management is NEAT and EXCITING. This post packs all the feels (drink the kool-aid, join the group), almost as much as we are feeling KAITHLEENs endless positivity.

Community: com-mu-ni-ty: /kəˈmyo͞onədē/

  1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common, who meet at ass-o-clock on Wednesday mornings to hug and swear and sweat and be wonderful.

Well – i’ll be damned.  Are you as surprised as I am at how well captured this whole thing we call community? Crazy.  I’m shocked they are allowed to use ass-o-clock in such a scholarly and well reputed publication.  Guess you learn something every day.


Community, for those who are new to the tribe or those who have been with us for a long time, means a few things for the tribe of November Project Winnipeg (and indeed the entire global love-fest that is NP):

  • Community means #JustShowUp, because your friends are gonna be there, and its gonna be hella fun, and you know you’ll have FOMO if you don’t, and you’ll get a good workout in but more importantly the PEOPLE will be #GladYouCame.
  • Community means having people to get out with on non-Wednesday days of the week to keep sane and step outside of the sometimes overwhelming rest of our lives, have something in common that we can talk about and collectively dread until the bounce starts when we remember THIS SHIT IS GOOD.
  • Community means having a collective of people to reach out that genuinely care about you, and are there when times are good (rock paper scissors tourneys) and when times are bad (second lap of time trial).
  • Community means running in to a tribe member at the grocery store and scaring the clerk re-stocking the shelves with milk when you run across the room for a big hug shouting “ARE YOU ALL GOOD?!?!” And then the two of you go on a hard-core recruiting mission directed towards the afor-mentioned milk-stocking artist, and he or she shows up and becomes a regular and wins the positivity award in that moment when they JUST REALLY NEEDED a hug.
  • Community is understanding that the previous scenario hasn’t actually happened yet but DAMNIT IT I REALLY WANT IT TOO.


Community is why we do this.  It’s not about the hard workouts (they are hard), it’s not cause we love mornings (I really really hate mornings), and it’s not because we are a sadistic bunch that loves seeing you all sweating up and down the forks (we are). We do this because we love Winnipeg, love the people of Winnipeg, and love seeing those people come together and meet eachother and hug eachother and inspire eachother to make this place better for the collective.

We also do this because before we didn’t have any friends and now we have HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS and we want more because we are greedy. Just kidding – but not really.  We are super duper excited to announce the launch of the NP YWG Community Hub on Facebook. This is a group created by the tribe (thanks David) for the tribe (thanks tribe). We noticed that while our Facebook page is awesome, it doesn’t quite capture the feeling and the vibe of our community, since it’s just Tom, Derek, and Rick pontificating and posting pictures of eachother flexing. We wanted a place where the tribe can connect with eachother and have a voice of their own.

What should you use this new found glorious hub for?  Great question!

  • Doing something awesome on a non-Wednesday morning and want company? Post it – the tribe will loves awesome shit.
  • Got a sweet idea for a workout on Wednesday morning?  Post it – the boys love awesome ideas and are running out of ideas of their own.
  • Need a ride to a workout? Save a bus, ride a tribe member (disclaimer: always ask permission before riding tribe members)
  • Going out for a beer?  Want to run a beer mile? Beer? We like beer.
  • Got a race coming up, looking for a team?

These are just a couple ideas.  Get creative.  Do it. We are PUMPED to see you all on not Wednesdays when you aren’t sweaty and gross.


Kaithleen, Kaithleen, Kaithleen, KaithLEEEEEEEEN! We don’t have a tribe member named Jolene (yet) and i’ve always wanted to use that line in a Positivity Award announcement (since about 30 seconds ago) so i’m pumped to finally use it.  Whenever I see Kaithleen walking up to the tribe in the morning she always has the biggest smile on her face.  Doesn’t matter the time, doesn’t matter if she got no sleep, she brings that smile and hugs so tight.  It’s invigorating.  Elevating.  Positivating. Thanks for being great, Kaithleen, and keep up the good work (smiles)!

Join the group. Run the race. Drink the kool-aid. #NotACult

November Project Winnipeg.

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