Community Matters (BAL)

Community matters. That two word phase was exemplified this morning with the tribe in more ways than I could count. It extrapolates on the positivity we put out there in the world each morning and makes this group of weirdos THAT much better for it. Community matters.

Today, people started talking not only during workout but texting one another afterwards, thanking or hating them for the amount of burpees the phone number workout made them do. They saved numbers, got new ones, made plans for tonight, and for nights weeks from now. Community matters.

Someone at workout got hurt, quite hurt. And in that instant there was no delay in nurses, first aid, and immediate rides. They missed workout – they didn’t even know this new tribemember that first moment. But the tribe forms an immediate bond that leaves no one behind, and it makes a difference. Community matters.


It was Kay and Paul’s birthday, and Eric+Jen are getting married, and we have people on injury deck and on crutches and with pizza shorts. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is wanted. Community matters.

So take this phrase into your day, week, month, year. YOU matter. This community matters. This city matters. Let’s see the limits in the distance, reach them, push past them, and crush them moving forward. We do this together. Community matters.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us as we take on community outside of our normal W/F this Saturday – 2 East Wells Workout 10AM.

Happy Wednesday. Keeping loving each other.

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