No Escaping The Hot Mess (IND)

Every week at #NP_IND is a different workout, with the exception of #RaceDay. So when we decide to recycle a workout, you know 1. It’s going to be hard and 2. it’s going to be hard. Since last week was more fun than work until the Sebastian (NP speak for 7 minutes of burpees) of course, today was work. Therefore, after nearly a year The Hot Mess returned. Mo’  Nature was kind enough to not make it a wet mess, but we’re #Weatherproof so it matters not. The tribe got friendly in the bounce with chest bumps and then handed out one massive bear hug to a lucky recipient. The tribe then paired up for The Hot Mess: one partner ran stairs while the other partner lovingly gazed with hurry up eyes from the base of the eternal stair case during their burpee, plank, and superman rotation, after three laps the partners switched and The Hot Mess carried on with its sweaty self. Nice work and way to stay positive! #BlowThe WhistleDammit.

Danger did a Double for Frank today. Frank is doing well and is now recovering at home and getting outpatient physical therapy. On deck for next week’s Double is Donny.

For the group pic today the tribe worked The Kally Pose. Which will now be officially added to our repertoire of poses: joining the ranks of The Rammer, Lightning, Unicorn, Birdman and Oh Daddy.

2014-10-09 00.00.02

Our apologies go out to those who read the blog and thus were disappointed by the absence of a slip n slide today. We found that procuring one for zero dollars is harder than you would imagine. Never fear, we will surprise you someday.

Thank you for showing up! See you next week! Have a great day!

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