Cold hands, warm hearts (YOW)

What’s so important about next Wednesday anyways?

Maybe you don’t ask yourself that question anymore because you have been showing up week in and out.  Maybe you don’t even think Wednesdays are that important as November Project has become part of your weekly routine like washing your face or putting on deodorant.  But for those who we have missed due to the cold snap, darkness, snow, ice, late Tuesday night parties or if you are yet to show up but continue to follow our social media here’s why next Wednesday is so important.  

Well for starters, this Wednesday has already passed, you missed out.  There was running, there were pyramids, there were #marchmadnesspushups. Any real life pyramids you can think of were not replicated on Parliament Hill though.  The 31 minutes has already passed for a new member to be welcomed into the open arms of this loving Ottawa crew. You now have the possibility to show up next week and expect more.  More embracing, more sprints, more push ups, a new a bounce, more hugs and more. Next week provides you with the opportunity to create a new connection, meet someone that has been coming for the past two weeks but hasn’t learnt your name yet or that you can run a kilometre in under a speedy 3.50.

Next Wednesday will hold you accountable. It will drive you to bed early enough that you want to wake up at 5 to show up for 6:15 to greet as many people as possible.  The next Wednesday is just as important if not more than this morning because its a chance for someone, anyone new to dive into this wild, fast, weird world of NP.

Next Wednesday you won’t know what to expect.  You know for sure of the bounce and that you won’t be the only one there but beyond that you don’t know how many high fives you will receive, how many shout outs you’ll hear or how you will move through 31 minutes.   That idea of not knowing the workout and literally just showing up is very much a reality next Wednesday.

I could continue to go on but like Lauren always says “people only really get it when they come to a workout” I can talk about how amazing the sun looks in the summer rising over the most iconic Canadian location, or how badass it is to run in minus 27 in the coldest city but #showingup is really why next Wednesday is so important. Next Wednesday is just as important as the next 27 Wednesdays after that, plus a lot more. Thank you for sharing your morning, your energy, your mits and your warm hearts. 

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren



1)BUFFS: if you hit that snooze you lose

2)#stormthestadium April 4th. Countdown is on. Tell your friends, your family, your dog. It’s happening in less than a month.

3)Next Wednesday- bring a friend and wear green.

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