Cleansing for the Soul (YEG)

🎶 It was raining 🌧 , it was pouring 🌧 but no on was snoring 💤💤🎶

I have been known to complain sometimes when I wake up and it is raining on an NP morning. I don’t love getting wet, or having my jacket cling to my arms, or having raindrops sting my eyes, or having sopping wet feet…yeah, rainy days are not my favourite. However, I have slowly come to appreciate them as I see them through a different lens.

When we were in Seattle for Meeting of the Minds, we had a yoga session scheduled for 6AM. After a very late planning session with Nadim for sometihgn we were hosting the next day I had made the decision that it would be good for me to take part in yoga the following morning. I awoke to rain droplets hitting our dorm window but I didn’t want that to prevent me from participating in Yoga Steve’s class. So despite the conditions, I wandered down to the astroturf field and proceeded with the yoga practice. The rain did not let up, in fact, it went from a sprinkle to an all-out downpour. I recall laying in Shavasana as the skies showered us thinking…wow, this is amazing! It was such a powerful moment to be laying in circle with other November Project leaders, feeling like the rain was cleansing us for the day ahead, and preparing me to host an amazing session.

This morning I tried to approach the rain similarly. Since the marathon a couple of weeks ago, my body’s not been happy and I’ve been in my head, struggling to be at peace with having to let up at the 16k mark of the race. Life’s also been busy as I work with my team to prepare our school for another year. With each drop of rain that fell on me today, I tried to visualize those stresses being washed away and while it’s not quite that simple, it definitely helped! NP was cleansing for the soul today, not just the rain of course, but to be in the rain with all of you and your positivity! Thank you for not pressing the snooze button!

#justshowup 6 AM

Monday – Sunrise 6K Meet on the north end of Walterdale Bridge on River Valley Road. We race, run, & complete 6K together. Come prepared to stay to cheer everyone on at the finish!

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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