Christmas Eve Traditions (SD)


Here at NPSD we celebrated our second holiday season today by revisiting some old NP Christmas traditions, and creating some new ones. Let’s recap:

Current Traditions:
1. Nadim leaves the freezing cold tundra known as Canada to thaw out for the week.
2. Our Christmas outfits are as weird as ever.
3. We make Christmas trees with our arms for the group photo.
4. I attempt to fill Jessie’s shoes in photo taking and blog writing, probably unsuccessfully.

New Traditions(?):
1. Nadim brings other Canadians and they attempt to invade America.
2. We combine the We Missed You page with a scavenger hunt and run all around the park to find our missing tribe members.
3. The ever generous Merrell Jon (AKA Santa) brings the tribe running shoes for Christmas.
4. I eat too many sugar cookies while prepping them for the tribe and feel slightly nauseous for days.

Let’s hope #4 doesn’t actually become NP tradition, but it might, I’ve been known to make the same mistake once or twice.

My favorite NP holiday tradition? Spending it with you all!
So Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy kwanza, happy festivus, and Happy Wednesday tribe!

See you next week for the last week of 2014 and the last week before Monday and Wednesday locations switch in the new year!

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