Character building moments

Two weekends before the pandy, I went to Palm Springs on a girls trip. It was a lot of fun and some of the gals there were not (yet) close friends of mine. So, I decided to pull out a party trick (hahaha) that a great friend of mine shared with me a while back. He shared this question which I answered with a bunch of other friends but also stored it away for later use. The question:

What are <pick a number> character building moments in your life?

So naturally, while on the girls trip, I whipped this question out for us gals to share when the time felt right to speak up. Casually of course. I wasn’t a weirdo about it. I think I strongly encouraged us to share 3 each over the course of the weekend. Casually.

That was early 2020.

I hadn’t yet been asked to take on the role of NP Canada co-leader.




I feel like I have a new character building moment to add to my life’s list.

I’ve showed up for over 8 years now. That’s not net new.

THIS is though. Showing up with the weight and responsibility of thinking about YOU first and foremost, is different. It feels character building and though I’m in the middle of this journey, I can already feel that there are great lessons and learnings that I’ll get to pull out of my pocket when a life moment calls for it.

In a pivotal leadership course I took (I’ve actually taken that same course 6-7 times now), this was shared with me.

That when you choose leadership, you choose these four things:

Reflect, Inquire, Pause, Act.

I try my best to keep these things in mind (not necessarily always in that order) as Rob and I make decisions, build the sandbox for us all to play in, or plan out things we want to do and/or surprise you with (dragon boat mornings anyone?!).

This is (finally) starting to feel like an inflection point in my own journey.

Thank you for being part of it.


  • Wednesday at 5:58am- we’re hitting up those Royal Glenora stairs. Come earn some shaky legs for the day.
  • THE BUFFS ARE FREE- hot off the press people! Bring exactly $5 for the latest, greatest, 2023 NP buff.



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